“Things That Dwell In The Heart!”

And the herdsman had seen in the girl’s eyes a world just like that:  A world of wonder, a world not of grass and wild creatures but of human glances.  A world of things that dwell in the heart.”  – French Folktales

Is creating beauty in your home something which “dwells in your heart?” Chances are, if you are reading this blog it does. Honestly, I believe it does with most.  

After all, beauty provides such inspiration, and has the power to immediately lift our spirits. It can open our hearts to a “world of wonder,” spark our creativity, or light our imagination. For example: Take a look at the gorgeousness in the photo above.  Such an interesting room.  A beautiful bench, wearing a needlepoint seat cover, marvelous fabric for the skirt, and stunning trim.  Additionally, the room holds a grand vintage cupboard with many treasures, and looks as though it may have enjoyed a previous life in a wonderful old store or shop. Don’t you wonder about the cupboard and its treasures?  Where did they live? Who enjoyed them? What secrets do they keep? Or, perhaps you are wondering, “Who is the talented soul who stitched the needlepoint?”  Yes, the room is full of charm and invites one to sit down, linger and drink in every single detail. 

I swoon over details.  Actually, it is not uncommon for me to spend more per yard for drapery trim, than drapery fabric. But I am here to tell you, fabulous trim can instantly turn ordinary to beyond gorgeous. And, the same holds true in the garden, where details can offer a bit of drama or whimsy. When one comes upon a blooming beauty or a magnificent weeping pine, carefully placed in a selected spot, it can be a delightful surprise – a moment of unexpected joy.  Attention to such detail, turns an ordinary garden to an unforgettable garden. And, according to the late, Charles Faudree,”Details are like frosting on the cake and who doesn’t like frosting best?” Indeed, I agree with Mr. Faudree.

Beauty and the love of home has always held a significant place in my heart. Effort put forth to create a beautiful home is meaningful work, it enriches our lives and the lives of those we love.  Beauty in our homes also adds to our well being. Certainly, you smile when you see lovely rooms, as in the photos below. Everyone feels better when they smile. Uncluttered, lovely rooms speak to us. They know they are pretty and they extend to us and others, a warm and inviting welcome. 





So, if you are wondering about my direction with this post, I will tell you. It is up to each of us to take notice of beauty in the ordinary, love-up our homes the very best we can, within our means, and create homes we deem to be beautiful – loaded with details we love. Expose ourselves and our young people to the gorgeous countryside, mountains, lakes, rivers and oceans, museums, art, and historic homes. “A world of wonder.” You see, when children are exposed to beauty, they develop a love and appreciation of such. Such a love will result in their seeking beauty all their lives, and lead them to become life-long learners – just as we should be.  The ripple effect of our efforts will create a more beautiful and a kinder world. Truthfully, I believe this may be what “dwells in all our hearts.”



  Wishing you and yours “the kind of September when life was slow and oh so mellow” … 

A September to Remember !


Au Revoir,





Photos:  Pinterest and Atlanta Homes

Lyrics from:  The song “Try to Remember” 


2 thoughts on ““Things That Dwell In The Heart!”

  1. Sandra, you create lovely and thought provoking posts! I love seeing beauty in the small details! During my career as an interior decorator, I thrived on details like trims for pillows and window treatments! That is what I admired so much in Faudree’s work, his attention to detail! Thank you sweet friend for inspiring us to take a second look! Blessings~

  2. I could spend a great deal of time on each picture soaking in the details. I enjoy your thoughts, Sandra.
    I hadn’t thought of that song in ages. I wish life was slower and more mellow and kindness was very important.

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