“Gifts Tied With Heartstrings,” And…

“The best gifts are tied with heartstrings.”  Susan Branch

Ready or not, it is almost the first of December.  Which translates to, it is time to become busy making things merry and bright, and doing some of my ‘favorite things.’

One of my favorite things is creating what I refer to as ‘treasure bags.’  They hold small treasures of all sorts – made for those I love.  Perhaps I so enjoy creating them because I know how special it is to receive one. They bring out the child in all of us, as we wonder, “What is in this sweet bag?”  They are most special when they hold something homemade or handmade. So, today I am sending you a recipe for one of my favorite things to place in a treasure bag – Jezebel Sauce.  

I have made this for years.  Place it in a pretty jar, tie with a ribbon and a candy cane and you have just created a bit of magic.  If you use jelly jars, this will make several jars. But, be sure to save enough for you and your family to enjoy.

Jezebel Sauce

1 – 18 ounce jar pineapple preserves

1 – 18 ounce jar apricot preserves

1/2 cup orange marmalade

1 – 5.25 ounce jar prepared horseradish

1 Tbls. dry mustard

In a large bowl, combine preserves, marmalade, horseradish, and dry mustard.  Cover and store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.  Serve with cream cheese and crackers.  This is also delicious on ham biscuits.  Note:  Often, I have been unable to locate pineapple preserves.  I have substituted peach preserves and it is just as delicious.

In the spirit of the Christmas season, and because I love to create treasure bags,  I thought I would create one for you.  I am dreaming of a little bag which will hold all sorts of sweetness, perhaps a French item or two.  You know how I love all things French.  So, if you would like to win my bag of treasures, simply tell me some things  you think just may be in this little bag.  You can do so under the “Comment Section” at the bottom of this post or send an email via the “Contact Section” of this blog. All entries must be received by Sunday evening, December 3, 2017. The winner will be announced on Monday morning, December 4, 2017.  As always, I will not be the one who selects the winner.  Isn’t the Christmas season the most fun?  I will be anxious to see your thoughts of what may be in this little bag!

Thanks for visiting, and have a great week !

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14 thoughts on ““Gifts Tied With Heartstrings,” And…

  1. Sandra that sauce sounds so interesting….appears to be on cream cheese, served with crackers. I pinned it, thank you.
    What a nice gesture, and yes, you’ve certainly aroused the kid spirit for the gift bag. A lavender soap, perhaps? or small kitchen item….wondering. Thank you

    1. Rita: I think you might enjoy the recipe, especially with your large family. Yes, it is served with cream cheese and crackers and in the instructions, I also mentioned it is wonderful on ham biscuits. Thanks for visiting – I like your ideas of what may be in the treasure bag.

  2. How special to receive a sweet little bag before Christmas, crafted with a specific friend in mind. I received just such a bag several years ago, from a sweet friend… and it was in a very difficult time in my life. It was on a very gloomy morning on December 1st…in the bag we’re wonderful snickerdodle cookies, still warm, along with a beautifully handwritten recipe on a sweet Christmas recipe card! Also there was a beautiful tea cup and saucer! I will never forget that kindness! Thank you, my friend….?

    1. Truly, Becky – it was all my pleasure! Enjoy this “most wonderful time of the year.” Hugs and love to you and yours – especially precious Amelia.

    1. Pinky: Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the recipe. Your ideas of what may be in the treasure bag are so interesting.

  3. Sandra, thank you for sharing this delicious recipe! It sounds perfect for the holidays! As for the bag, I am thinking some wonderful Provencal soap, a sachet of lavender, or a wonderful scented candle!

  4. I see there are more threads that connect us at the heart … I love to do the same thing and make little treasure bags for people, knowing it makes the child in us light up with delight. Giving gifts is my absolute favourite thing in the world.

    Now your giveaway sounds lovely … pondering … maybe there is some French lavender room fragrance or bath oil, Christmas in Paris tea, a wee book about Paris, some old french postcards ….

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Sandra, and thank for a beautiful post.
    Bren xox

    1. Ah Brenda, always so happy to have you visit. And your ideas of what may be in the bag are delightful. Love the book about Paris and especially the postcards. And, I do believe there are many things that connect the two of us “at heart.”

  5. Sandra, I enjoy getting to know you again through your sharing of daily ponderings and beautiful photos! Your idea of making treasure bags wrapped up in heartstrings touches my heart. Connecting those near and far with heartstrings, and extending them on into the heavens binding us to those we have loved and lost might help us feel loved and more secure! Now, about that little bag. I accompanied a group of students to France 25 years ago, and my very favorite thing? Stopping at a patisserie and picking up a warm pain au chocolat! Do you suppose you could stuff that bag full of those? Ok, a bit messy, so maybe a small French coffee press, some French roast coffee, and something sweet – chocolates, of course!

    1. Cindy: How wonderful to have you visit and I do hope you will return again soon. I do so love your words and thoughts about heartstrings. It seems as though we do tie everything for those we love with them. Also, love your thoughts about what may be in the little treasure bag – wonderful ideas. I know your trip to France was a most special and memorable time. It is odd how my love of the beautiful country and its people have developed over the years. Truly a story by itself.

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