Sunday Thoughts ~ Pieces of Heaven

“On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.” ~Jules Renard 

image A New England sunrise.

Good Sunday morning, my friends.  I am so glad you could join me this morning.  It is true, isn’t it?  Pieces of Heaven are scattered all around us, just waiting for us to pause, open our eyes and see.  The magnificent beauty of this earth is incredible.  So, I hope you will enjoy the amazing ‘pieces’ I have found, as well as the thoughts and feelings of a few amazingly gifted souls.“Each moment of the year has its own beauty, and in the same fields, it beholds, every hour, a picture which was never seen before, and which shall never be seen again.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

“There ought to be a way to combine “autumn” and “morning” into one word, the combination of the two is special enough to be its own entity.” ~ Terri Guillemets

coiour-my-world: “Fall on Beauty Mountain…… | J. J. Sikkila ”“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead ~ his eyes are closed. The insight into the mystery of life, coupled though it be with fear, has also given rise to religion. To know what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms ~ this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness.” ~ Albert Einstein

llovinghome: “Whitetail Deer Fawn ”

twilightsolo-photography: “Autumn Pansy Still a few pansies in bloom in my mother’s garden. ©twilightsolo-photography Instagram // Facebook // Print Shop // Patreon ”

“This grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never all dried at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor is ever rising. Eternal sunrise, eternal sunset, eternal dawn and gloaming, on seas and continents and islands, each in its turn, as the round earth rolls.” ~ John Muir

thepreppyfox: “ #Autumn #Fall ”

Dear friends, I so appreciate your company this morning. 

Know I am wishing you and yours a beautiful and peaceful day. 

May you notice ‘Pieces of Heaven’ along your path.


I hope they will leave an imprint on your heart. 



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Pam Richardson

Good morning Sandra. I always look forward to your Sunday posts, a beautiful way to start the morning. As always, the images, quotes, and sentiments are perfect. Thank you for sharing and wishing you and Michael a lovely Sunday! Enjoy the pieces of heaven today!

bonnie morgan

I enjoyed your pictures immensely and beautiful quotes. I pinned to my beautiful board. I will ponder on the pieces of heaven and the thoughts in the quotes all day.

Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things
Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

Have a wonderful day Sandra!


You find just the right words to start my Sunday off so very beautifully! Here’s to a glorious day for you, as lovely as each image and word in this post!

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors
Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

Sandra, such beautiful photographs and quotes for this lovely Sunday! I have been walking around today gazing in awe and amazement at the beautiful autumn colors around me. Sadly, though, they won’t last much longer. We are supposed to get to 15 degrees tomorrow. We may even see a few snowflakes! I hope your week is filled with peace and joy, sweet friend!!!


Amazing post,dear Sandra! Have a lovely week!Blessings!

nancy marie allen

The quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson spoke to me this morning because so many times I’ve paused and thought how each moment of the year holds its own beauty and, yes, its own piece of heaven!