‘Sunday Thoughts’ ~ Peace and Love

“Peace is always beautiful.” ~ Walt Whitman

Good Sunday morning, dear friends.  I hope this finds you well and that you are enjoying peaceful days.  As for me, I have no complaints.  Some days are sunny with warm temperatures and other days are cloudy, cold, and rainy.  However, that is April in North Central West Virginia.  And, how could I complain when white lilacs and daffodils fill vases around our home? 

While I feel so fortunate to enjoy peaceful days, I do know there are many souls in our world who have no semblance of a peaceful day.  I find myself wondering when and how all the madness will end, and I imagine you do also.  So, I put my mind toward other things and continue to pray for a sweeter world.  I hope you will find this post peaceful in images as well as words.  Perhaps, you may find something that tugs at your heart to carry with you throughout the week.


“Peace brings with it so many positive emotions that it is worth aiming for in all circumstances.” ~ Estella Eliot

“We must believe that there are places where tranquility exists and nature is given back her power to speak…” ~ Nanette  Avery


“. . .And yet, when I look up at the sky, I somehow feel that everything will change for the better, that this cruelty too shall end, that peace and tranquility will return once more.” ~ Anne Frank

Dear friends, this past week a Facebook friend tagged me in her post with something beautiful I had almost forgotten.  Perhaps, if we could someway somehow spread this message,  it could make a difference.  Maybe you will tuck it away for a cloudy day.  Written by James Taylor, the lyrics, in my opinion, are relevant for current times.  Give a listen.

Wishing you and yours a beautiful day and week ahead. Stay well!


“Deep in our hearts, the light of heaven is shining.” ~ Rumi






Images:  via Tumblr

You Tube ~”Shower The People” Written by James Taylor and performed by Ventura Highway.



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5 months ago

So many people are anxious and frustrated these days. I know a few of them and it’s hard to know just what to say to help them. I go for walks with those I can, and hope that the beauty of nature will ease their anxiety. Your photos of such beauty in the world are lovely, Sandra.

bonnie morgan
5 months ago

Have a beautiful week Sandra! Enjoy your daffodils and lilacs. It sounds so lovely to think about your lilac arrangements. Please show us some. I can’t grow them so I would love to see yours.
The lyrics of James Taylor speaking of loving one another echos the teachings of my faith. When you feel loved by God, who made you, and love others the peace and joy come. The world will never offer anything but anxiety, fear, frustration, and discord. I choose to love and have joy.

Penny Carlson
Penny Carlson
5 months ago

As soon as I saw the first picture with the flamingos I smiled. The James Taylor song has always been one of my favorites. Have a lovely Sunday.

Rita C at Panoply
5 months ago

Very nice, Sandra. Love James’ song, Shower the People. That’s a nice rendition.
Have a great week.

Pam Richardson
5 months ago

Sandra, peaceful photos and words! I love the James Taylor song and the poignancy of the Anne Frank quote. I would just love a whiff of your heavenly lilacs. I have a friend, who lives nearby, that has been able to grow a lilac, and it is blooming for the first time. Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

Bobbi Duncan
Bobbi Duncan
5 months ago

Beautiful pictures & quotes, Sandra. I recite to myself the words of Anne Frank, someone who never gave up, so that I can handle all the madness that has been “chosen” as a way of existence by so many. I love the tranquility of many of James Taylor’s songs, and have them all…still play them from time to time. Yes, seek peace in all things. Wishing you only peaceful days, sweetie.

5 months ago

Indeed. Shower the people with love. It’s hard, these days. Things seem normal and not normal. Scary yet cavalier. So many contradictions. But spring is waking and hopefully we will wake with it. Sending love this day as you share such beauty with us.

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors
Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors
5 months ago

Sweet Sandra, this is such a beautiful post that brings my heart peace. Anne Frank’s quote is so poignant. She was wise beyond her years. Enjoy your pretty lilacs and daffodils. I know they must bring you joy. Wishing you a week of peace and blessing, dear friend!