Sunday Thoughts – A Whisper of Fall

“In the hazy days at summer’s end when the air’s still warm and the green near spent.  When the days grow short and the evenings tall.  Then you feel in a whisper, Fall.” ~ Laura Jaworski


Good Sunday morning, sweet friends.  Are you beginning to see “whispers of fall?”  I hope so, because they are signs of magnificent beauty about to arrive in the days ahead.  If you would, take a moment and do as Catherynne M. Valente instructs us,  “Squeeze your eyes closed, as tight as you can, and think of all your favorite autumns, crisp and perfect, all bound up together…”  Now, isn’t that a lovely way to begin your day?  I imagine you could describe many beautiful days and times that accompanied your perfect autumns.

“Summer is leaving silently.  Much like a traveler approaching the end of  an amazing journey.” ~ Darnell Lamont Walker

Summer does quietly slip away as we welcome glorious autumn.  Every season holds its own great magic and beauty, however, to me autumn is extraordinary.  The weather is delightful, the humidity of summer is gone, and the sights are a visual feast.  There is a beautiful stillness to everything as Mother Nature‘s summer begins to drift off to sleep.  Truly, a magical season.

“Autumn evokes different feelings for everyone…As the energy of summer slows down, the frosty winter is getting closer, a beautiful autumn day is truly special.  Cool morning air, grass wet with dew, and those amazing warm golden colors spreading through the trees…unforgettable autumn.” ~ Vicki Chicago-Marsh

“A tangerine and russet cascade of kaleidoscopic leaves create a tapestry of autumn magic Upon the emerald carpet of fading summer.” ~ Judith A. Lindbergh

Dear friends, I hope this finds you well and beginning to dream of lovely autumn days.  This is such a wonderful time to enjoy simply being alive, dressing our homes for autumn, and soaking in every drop of  Nature’s glory.  The magnificent beauty is free for our enjoyment.  

Know I wish you and yours a glorious day. 


Thanks so much for your visit, have a wonderful week.  Stay well!  


“The sunshine kissed the summer blooms and sent them all to slumber.  Sweet dreams to you, my treasures, for I’ll see you all next summer.” ~ Freya Turrill






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Brenda @ It\'s A Beautiful Life

What a lovely autumn post, Sandra. Delightfully calm and thoughtful and beautiful.

We’re just starting fall colours here. Our front yard garden is still blooming (I posted some new pics on my blog today) for which I’m so grateful – sometimes by now we’ve had frost, but not this year.

I wish you a pleasant weekend.
Brenda xo

bonnie morgan
1 year ago

Beautiful quotes and images today as always, Sandra. I can’t wait for Autumn.
Have a great day and week ahead.

Pam Richardson
1 year ago

Good morning Sandra. I am gently hearing the whispers of autumn, and I can’t wait. Beautiful images, quotes, and personal sentiments…wishing you a lovely Sunday

1 year ago

Summer is ending and forcing us into fall. I’m holding out as long as I can! But what gorgeous blooms and scenes and of course, words. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday and week ahead, Sandra.

1 year ago

Wonderful Fall pictures,feast to the eyes! I am waiting for Spring here in South America, although our Winter has had sunny and beautiful days almost all the time…Hugs and have a lovely Sunday!

Penny Carlson
Penny Carlson
1 year ago

Fall is a favorite season of mine. A very few leaves are turning here. We usually get our fall mid to end October.

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors
Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors
1 year ago

Happy Sunday, sweet Sandra! I’m so excited for autumn’s arrival! Your post is both beautiful and inspiring for the season’s arrival. I’ve started my fall decorating this weekend. I do adore this time of year! Take care, and enjoy your week, dear friend!

Dolores Velasco
1 year ago

Amiga querida, leo tu publicación y una sonrisa se pone en mi rostro. Me encanta todo lo que dices, me encanta todas las imágenes…Me encanta TODO. El otoño se acerca y también es mi estación del año preferida por sus colores, la serenidad que me produce… Las imágenes que nos dejas son muy bellas, destaco la grandiosa foto de la barca …es magnífica!! Un gran abrazo Dear friend, I read your post and a smile is put on my face. I love everything you say, I love all the images… I love EVERYTHING. Autumn is approaching and it is also… Read more »