Joie de Vivre – Joy of Life

“It was a good time to start something new.  We have two lives, and the second starts when you realize that you have only one.” –  Isabelle Dubois-Dumee

We all have those little things, positive and negative, that trigger our response buttons.  For each of us these things will be different, but when we hear, see or smell them – our hearts pound a little harder.  Also, our response buttons can be easily pushed, when we are reminded of a long held, “maybe someday” dream, or perhaps when we have been treated badly once too often.  Whatever the case may be, our hearts pound as though they are trying to speak to us.  Well, my friends, that is exactly what they are trying to do.  Or, as my mom would always say, “trust your instincts they are the ANGELS whispering in your ear.”

So, what do the ANGELS whisper in your ear?  Mine are constantly chatting.  So much so,  at times I can hardly sleep.  And, when I am in the garden they feel they have my attention – and they do.  But, the point is:  I am learning to listen.  I listened when the whisper said – “write something, do something to help others see the beauty in the world, learn something new, make new friends, share what you know – go inspire.”  And, so I am trying to do just that very thing, here at Where Inspiration Blooms.

While blogging is new to me and I do not claim to be a professional writer, I sincerely want to share with you my love of beauty, the garden, home, French food and French design, experiences from my life and from all the many wonderful, good people who have graciously blessed my life.  And, the lessons learned from the hurtful ways of those who were unkind.  I want my experiences to bless and inspire you.  

You see, I believe much of what we learn in this life, we learn from each other.  We all have unique talents.  However, far too often, many talented individuals go through this wonderful life without knowing their gifts and, therefore, are unable to share them.  Many, have those special dreams and gifts tucked away so deep they might not recognize them, should they be brought to the surface.  The result: These marvelous talents have been unable to bloom and the beauty of the bloom has not been scattered.  Indeed a loss, and the world suffers from such losses.

Spring is such an appropriate time for growth in our lives.    Bring that long held dream to the surface and give it life.  Take a class.  Embark upon new endeavors. And, when you find something which sparks your interest – learn everything possible about it, read, educate yourself.  Do not let your unique talents go to waste.  And, never let the opinions of others dim your spirit or keep you from doing everything you were meant to do.  One life – find your joy!  

Thanks for visiting – wishing you and yours a lovely weekend.

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Photo:  Debra Slohon Shielman Roses/Pinterest

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  1. What a lovely inspirational post! Have a wonderful week!

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