Home, Sweet Home !

“Beauty reaches into the depths of our hearts to stir the feelings God placed there.” ~ Greta Crank

Good morning, everyone!  I hope this finds you seeing blue skies and lovely signs of spring.  Spring is taking her sweet time arriving in the hills of West Virginia.  However, that will make her arrival all the more glorious, and has given me extra time to think about our ‘Home, Sweet Home.’

Do you have a long spring ‘to do’ list? I always seem to.  Things I say I will do during the winter, but come spring there they are ~ patiently awaiting my attention.    Spring seems to be the time of year I give our home some extra love, as I imagine it is for most.  Our homes are vitally important to us ~ they are where we hang our hearts. We all have the chance to make our homes a sacred place, one of beauty which will “reach into our hearts and stir the feelings God placed there.” Creating a beautiful home can be one of our greatest achievements.  And, to me, the joy is in the process.

Therefore,  today I would like to share some lovely spaces which certainly have been given love.  Whether you home is large, small or in between, there are many ways to add charm. I hope you will find inspiration for things such as:  furniture placement, style of furniture and colors.  So grab your coffee and enjoy.  And, think about your “Home, Sweet Home.”  We live in houses ~ they become homes when they radiate our own unique personalities.

“There is no reason, either in prose or in rhyme, why a whole house should not be a poem.” ~ Ella Church Rodman 

Isn’t this a lovely entry?  What a beautiful greeting to see this gorgeous basket of blooms.  Certainly not all homes have such an entry.  But, if you have even a tiny space, a vase of something blooming is always an inviting touch.  Our home is one without a large entry.  We have a small space below the side lights of the front door During the spring and summer, I try to keep a filled bud vase on this space.  I have had our mail carrier thank me.  He said, “seeing blooms through the window makes his day.”

“Your home should represent who you are on your best day.”  ~ Eric Ross

I enjoy the colors in this room and the details.  Details, such as the blue on the inside of the tables and the dark blue band on the skirt of the sofa.

This room has the power to make one feel it is spring in January.  It is so fresh and full of life.  The stage is set for good times ~ memories!

My old friend blue, funny how she most always shows herself in my posts. Blue, simply makes my heart pound just a little harder.  You?

Would you like to add color to a room or perhaps change the color?  While painting can be work, it can certainly give a room an entirely new personality without significant cost.  However, if you don’t wish to paint, or may be a little shy of painting an entire room, try adding a color which appeals to you in accents, such as pillows, window treatments, ottomans, pottery, china or lovely florals.

“For without the private world of retreat man becomes virtually an unbalanced creature.” ~ Eleanor McMillen Brown

I hope you have enjoyed your visit this morning and perhaps have gained some inspiration for your “Home, Sweet Home.”  When we show our homes love, although it may be invisible to our eyes, this loving energy and spirit can be felt.  Our homes stand proud with the love they have received, and our “hearts are stirred” by the beauty we have created.

In closing, personally, I feel one of the most significant things we can do to shower our homes with love is ~ give them a name. Something I have written about before. Immediately they stand a little taller.  Perhaps, this notion of mine came from the great amount of time I have spent in the South, where many homes are named.  Honestly, I can’t tell you why, but what I can tell you is, “It truly adds a great deal to a home.”  Gives them that extra little something or as the French say,  a little “je ne sais quoi.”   Should you be in the need of any suggestions, contact me. I have loads of names whirling around in my head, just waiting for a home.

Now you know where the name for this blog originated.  Yes, Maison de Jardin is the name of our ‘home’ ~ translated, The Garden House.

Thanks for visiting.  Wishing you a most beautiful weekend ! 


Au Revoir,



“It never occurred to me until I had this house to take a vacation and stay home.” ~   Bill Robinson, Interior Decorator


Photos:  Facebook, Michael Lambiotte, Pinterest, Atlanta Homes, Architectural Digest, Better Homes and GardensTraditional Home, Tumblr~ The Style Cocktail. 









Better homes and gardens photo

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Pam Richardson

Good morning Sandra! What a beautiful way to enjoy my coffee by perusing your lovely post. I love that you named your Home, something I have never done. A dear friend suggested we name our Home years ago, I only wish I had. These photos invite you to come in, to perhaps linger over tea and enjoy the ambiance of the space. Thank you for sharing beauty in every post. Your commentary inspires. Have a beauty-filled Saturday!

Bonnie Morgan

The quotes that you find stir my heart and give me much to ponder. I have enjoyed my visit this morning before everyone else in the house has gotten up. You have inspired me about loving our homes.I enjoyed the photos you shared today and love your quote,”beauty reaches into our hearts and stir the feelings God has placed there.”
I could scroll and scroll admiring your photos and rereading your words. I am inspired about naming my house and take you up on the offer to suggest a name for my home.
Have a beautiful day.

Anne Lawrence

Love this post and the pictures!!! The ‘blue’ continues to inspire me in the garden and in an unfinished guest room!

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

Good morning, Sandra! I have so enjoyed reading your post this morning. You have such wonderful taste in decorating, and the examples you shared this morning are beautiful. I adore the name you chose for your home. Enjoy your weekend!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn

The collection of gorgeous images and beautiful quotes was truly a balm to my soul.

Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things
Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

What wonderful inspiration! I try to keep some flowers in my entry.