A Sunday Thought

“Morning came and brought with it an earth gleaming green and gold and a world full of possibility.  That is the beauty of the changing seasons.  New seasons bring healing, hope, renewal, promise.  Tomorrow will come.  It may look different, perhaps less green, more gold.  But tomorrow will come.” ~ Unknown


Wherever your day takes you, I hope it is beautiful.


Au Revoir,




Photo~via tumblr



8 thoughts on “A Sunday Thought

  1. Happy Sunday dear Sandra! Thank you for the inspiring photo and unknown quote. Even though fall is my favorite season, there is something melancholy about it. I love its color and reflection. Thanks for sharing beauty sweet friend???

    1. Good morning, Pam. Fall is a favorite season for me also. It does seem to call us to slow down and in doing so, it ever so gently prepares us for the winter days ahead. Wishing you and yours a most beautiful Sunday.

  2. Happy Sunday, Sandra! What a beautiful quote and photograph to get our day off to a wonderful start! I was just reflecting, yesterday, how each changing season brings new hope and renewal. Enjoy your Sunday, sweet friend!!!

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