The Power of One

“Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world.” – Roald Dahl

Many times in this life, things have come to my attention and stirred me to see them in a new light.  Conceivably, a lesson to be learned.  Perhaps this has happened to you, too?  

The majority of these lessons have really been gifts.  Because, you see, I believe each time our eyes are opened to see something in a new way, we grow – our vision is expanded.  We think differently, we feel differently and we behave differently.  A gift.   And, by these precious gifts, we can inspire others.  “The Power of One.”

During the past few years, I have seen enough “ugly” to last several lifetimes.  I would wager you feel the same.  It seems as though “ugly” is at our every turn – television, newspapers, magazines, social media and too often, in people who cross our paths.  And to me, even worse, we see it from those who hold public office, highly paid professional athletes – people who are in positions to set examples for all of us, especially our youth.   So, how in the world do we reverse the course?  

If you look for just a moment at the magnificent peony above; clearly you can easily see the impact it would have in any room it was placed.  The power of one glorious bloom lights an entire space – WOW.  I like to think each of us represents this beautiful peony.  As individuals with unique talents, we have the power to light up our own corners of the world.  We are each – one fabulous bloom. And, we each have the power to transform “ugly” to kindness and good – really we do.

With all my heart, I believe there is something very real afoot for a dynamic shift toward beauty, kindness and compassion.  Becoming inspired, so as to inspire. When we share our unique talents, do small things for others, show kindness to strangers and those less fortunate, raise our voices when necessary, love “all creatures great and small,” we will begin to see a shift.  And the shift in our small circles will be transferred to others.  Thus, the ripple effect of our individual deeds.  “The Power of One.” 

And, what inspires us, motivates us and moves us along on this journey? For each of us the answer will be different.   But, I truly believe the words of Susan Branch – “Hearts Can Inspire Other Hearts With Their Fire.”  1×1

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Note:  Coming soon, a promised post – Alexandra Stoddard, amazing inspiration. 

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Louise Stronach

Love this inspired writing and believe it to be so very true. We all need to see examples of “an inspired life”, thank you for this one Sandra. We are all the “1” in the power of one.

Brenda @ It\'s A Beautiful Life

Inspiring one another to good and beautiful works of beauty, kindness and compassion. Amen, Sandra, Amen.

What a beautiful peony. They really are stunning flowers! Just love them.

Hugs to you,
Brenda xox

Shirley @Housepitality Designs

Beautiful post…and yes, love the quote from Susan Branch too!