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“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful.” – Emerson


Have you ever read something wonderfully written and thought to yourself, “That is exactly what I have been trying to say?”  Well, on this lovely Sunday morning, I feel compelled to share my experience with you – the beautiful and moving words of Steven Charleston.  Mr. Charleston is a Native American elder, author and retired Episcopal Bishop of Alaska. He ‘so’ eloquently states my very thoughts about beauty.





“The hint is in the beauty all around us, wild flowers and hummingbirds, sunsets and waterfalls, fireflies and forests, all of the countless works of art in motion around us, that surprise us and delight us, stopping us in our tracks, causing us to pause, to look, to see, to wonder that such simple perfection could exist.  Dolphins and snowflakes, still pools and evening shadows:  the mind that made creation set signposts along every road, reminders of what is really behind the illusion of time, glimpses through the cracks of our digital age into another world, a world that is not and yet always coming to be, if only we take the hint and believe.” – Steven Charleston




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Note:  Further information regarding Steven Charleston is available at his website,


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  1. Oh my! What a tender and insightful man he must be…. So in touch with our Creator. Take the Hint!!! ?

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