‘Sunday Thoughts’ ~ March Madness

“March is in need of a mental health professional.” ~ Mike Lambiotte

Good morning, everyone.  As I write this, it is snowing and we have about six inches on the ground.  Mike came in the other day and announced, “My snow shovel is now in the garage and my boots are going to the basement.”  I replied, “Careful, remember this is March.”  And, sure enough,  March showed her true colors.  The daffodils are under snow.  

One of my husband’s many fine qualities is his sense of humor.  I thought I would share a bit of it with you in his quote above.  I had to laugh when he said those words, but perhaps there is some truth to it.  But, how would one go about finding help for the weather?

Back to ‘March Madness.”  I am not a sports fan, but I understand why the basketball ‘play-offs’ were given this title.  Because March weather can be maddening and it appears to me that the play-offs are too.   The weather may be 65 degrees and sunny one day and heavy wet snow the next.  Perhaps, that is why horticulturists cultivate early, mid-season, and late-season varieties of bulbs and plants. Fortunately, we have specimens of all three varieties in our garden. By planting in this manner it extends the bloom season, which is wonderful to enjoy after winter.

“Everyone Knows March’s Way” ~ by, Annette Wynne

“Everyone knows March’s way,
Rushing, blowing, night and day,
Rushing, blowing, day and night,
Not a single flower in sight,
Not a bud upon a tree,
But wait until the end and see
When March is packed at last to go,
Every twig will start to grow ~
All in a trice, before you know.”

“Spring comes quickly: overnight the plum tree blossoms, the warm air fills with bird calls.” ~ Louise Glück

residentevil3: “han ”

While each month holds its own beauty and lovely secrets, personally, I believe March is in the mix simply as a way of saying goodbye to the elegant bare trees, the flawlessness of new-fallen snow, and peaceful winter days.  And, to remember and be grateful for the season of winter and to look forward to the magnificent days to come.

“Each season has its distinctive odours. The spring is earthy and full of sap. July is rich with the odour of ripening grain and hay. As the season advances, a crisp, dry, mature odour predominates, and goldenrod, tansy, and everlastings mark the onward march of the year. In autumn, soft, alluring scents fill the air, floating from thicket, grass, flower, and tree, and they tell me of time and change, of death and life’s renewal, desire and its fulfillment.” ~ Helen Keller, “The World I Live In”

Dear friends, please know I appreciate your visit and I wish you and yours a lovely day.  

And. . .


PATTERN Ukrainian stained glass heart suncatcher DIGITAL image 1

   May love find a way into the heart of evil.






Images: Tumblr and Etsy

Note:  The stained glass suncatcher (shown above) is available on Etsy.

14 thoughts on “‘Sunday Thoughts’ ~ March Madness

  1. Good morning, Sandra. I think Michael’s quote is perfect for March. As always, your quotes and images are beautiful. Our morning temp is hovering between 18 – 20 degrees. We had a light dusting of snow yesterday morning. Hopefully tonight will be our last freezing temperature. I am afraid many of our early blooming trees have been bitten. My daffodils have been so pretty, not sure they will look like much after three nights of below freezing temperatures. Wishing you a lovely day!

    1. Hello, dear Pam. We are having nice temperatures this week. However, I don’t trust that it will continue until about the middle of April. However, daffodils are peaking through the soil everywhere are so are the peonies. The trees still look like winter.

      Enjoy your nice days as I know you are in early spring in your area.❤

  2. We definitely had a seasonal collision yesterday and today (with the overnight frigid temps on 6″ of snow). Hoping there was no collateral damage that least new growth. Here’s to a good week coming!

    1. Hello, Rita. Your temperatures were colder than ours, but our snow was deeper – 10 inches. We have been enjoying nice days this week. Hope it stays for a while. Enjoy your new garden.

    1. Sandra, so good to see you here. I hope you will return and I thank you so much for your kind comments. Enjoy the lovely spring days!

  3. March Madness is really quite perfect! I think you got more snow than we did — although I suspect you may be close to done. I’m not sure we are yet. Too early to tell! Nonetheless, seeing those daffodils reminds me that spring can’t be ALL that far away! Happy week!

    1. Hello, Jeanie. I never declare winter over until about the middle of April. One of the deepest snows I remember was around the first week of April. However, you are correct, the daffodils are a sure sign it isn’t too far away. Enjoy your ditch walks, it will be lake time for you soon!

  4. I love your husband quote! March was always the hardest month for me when I lived in NC. I was so ready for for spring and looked every day for a sign of it!

    1. Hello, Penny. Funny that you said that March was a hard month for you when you lived it NC. It was a month I dreaded when we lived in VA. Sideways rain, fog for days upon days. I would far rather see snow. The daffodils are a sure sign of spring.

  5. I enjoy Mike’s sense of humour – his quote about March is about right! Thanks for your lovely post – enjoyed the cheery faces of those daffodils in the snow. Loved your closing thought: “May love find a way into the heart of evil.” Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. Bren xo

    1. Bren, Mike does have a great sense of humor. And that goes a long way in the long haul. The daffodils do serve to remind us that spring is around the corner. Knowing we can count on spring is a help, considering the state our world is in.

  6. Happy Sunday, sweet Sandra! I love your husband’s quote. It is so very true and made me laugh! I also loved the positive traits of winter that you mentioned. It was not always a season I appreciated, but I have learned to be grateful for it. My dear friend I wish you a most beautiful and happy week ahead!

    1. Shannon, I was not always a fan of winter and then I began to take a harder look and realized it was a time of rest, just as it is a time of rest in the garden. Gardening does teach many things of which I am grateful.
      Enjoy your week and the signs of spring.

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