Sunday Thoughts ~ July 7, 2019

“We need songbirds and church bells and the smell and sights of spring, green to keep us human.” ~ René Dubois

Good Sunday morning, dear friends.  There are so many dear little birds which provide us with such sweet songs.  We have a song sparrow which seems to know when we are in the garden.  He/she always appears on the peak of the garage roof and sings for us, beautiful songs.

Camouflaged by the branches in a sea of spring green at Sage Farm.

And, what a lovely sound to hear the ringing of church bells.  In our little town, we are blessed to hear the bells of the Catholic Church ringing every morning.  At noon, the Presbyterian church sounds her magnificent chimes.     

“For bells are the voice of the church; They have tones that touch and search the hearts of young and old.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Morning in nature is glorious.  The beauty of nature, dressed in “spring green,” is truly a feast for our eyes and medicine for our souls.

In closing, please know how much I appreciate your visit.  Also, I am wishing you and yours a perfectly beautiful day and week ahead. 

And along your path,  

 I hope you will  hear ‘birdsong and church bells’ and enjoy the ‘sights and smells of nature.’ 

For, they do help ‘keep us human.’






Images:  via tumblr

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Pam Richardson

Good morning Sandra. I have just been outside after a refreshing rain fell last night and the birds are singing. We live too far away from our small city to hear church bells ringing, but I do love hearing them at noon when I am downtown. Beautiful thoughts and images for this first Sunday of July and wishing you a most blessed day sweet friend!

Rita C at Panoply

Good morning, Sandra! When it’s as hot as it now is, we take early morning walks. Today’s walk included fishermen along the river, birdsong, and church bells. Thank you for your sentiments and photos. It’s going to be a great day!


Hi,dear Sandra!Thank you for sharing this beautiful post!I am blessed with these simple pleasures too and you reminded me how treasured they are…Blessings to you and to your Family!Hugs!

bonnie morgan

Your images and words are medicine for the soul. It’s evening now as I am reading this as today has been busy.
I enjoy bird song every day and can identify several birds but not all. I was amazed to read that male wrens have forty different songs.
Have a wonderful week. It is extremely hot and humid here but we have had several rain showers so that helps. Blessings, Bonnie

Brenda @ It\'s A Beautiful Life

The other morning a robin came and sang from my roof top. I was in my glory in those few moments. It felt as if he’d sung just for me in those wee early hours.

And the sound of church bells. I do love the sound of bells ringing. My brother is presently in Switzerland for a conference and on Sunday morning he posted a short video of bells ringing in the city where he was staying.

Wishing you a lovely day…
Brenda xox


These photos are lovely and so, too, are you words. Happy New Week!