Sunday Thoughts, April 14, 2019

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Good morning, my dear friends.  Today, I would like to share a piece which came to me by the way of my mom.  She included it in a box of irises she sent to me, probably in the early 1970’s.  Mom loved to spend time in used book stores and she found the piece in an old garden book.  Gardening teaches us many lessons and this lovely piece, in my opinion, speaks well to the parallel of the garden to our lives.  It was not titled and the author unknown.  So, I titled it ~ A Gardeners Thoughts.  I believe it to be lovely Sunday morning reading, hope you will think so too.

A Gardeners Thoughts ~ unknown

“For me, gardening is a form of prayer. Most people have an awareness of life and death, but few have an awareness of life, death, and life again. Gardeners do though.

Bulbs come up every spring. Then in winter, it looks like there’s nothing there, no hope for life ever again. Then, Hallelujah! Next spring they’re back even fuller. Perennials ~ same thing.

Annuals have a slightly different lesson. Annuals really do die, but they broadcast seeds before they go. Where there was only one calendula the year before, there will be ten this year, and one day, they will fill every empty space in your garden. Annuals are a lesson in the difference one living thing, plant or person, can make, and how their presence resonates long after they’re gone. There again, the effects are not immediate. There is always the winter. And when you consider the garden as a whole, well, winter is a time to reflect, a time to dream. It gives you time to ask the big questions…

Gardening is an affirmation of divine timing. Some years, in early spring, my enthusiasm takes an ugly turn, and I seemingly believe I can make spring happen earlier than it normally would, if I just work hard enough, if I till enough, compost enough, harden off seedlings earlier than I normally would. In the end, I wind up with twelve flats of dead seedlings. Then I direct seed a couple months later, and with much less effort, everything grows into the full glory it was destined to encompass. ‘To everything, there is a season.’  Amen.”


“Who loves a garden, his Eden keeps.” ~ A. B. Alcott



Wishing you and yours a glorious spring day and week ahead.


May you discover great joy in the beauty and miracle of the season.

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts, April 14, 2019

  1. I love this so much, Sandra. Even though we’ll be moving on and no longer landscape gardening, I am looking forward to cultivating a few flower beds in my daughter’s recently purchased home, and hopefully growing her spirit in gardening too.

    1. Good morning, Rita. So happy you enjoyed the post. You will have the most fun helping your daughter while keeping your hands in the dirt. Once she sees blooms, she will be hooked. Thanks so much for your visit and I always enjoy your comments. Hope the move is going well, I am missing your blog.
      Happy day and week to you!

  2. Lovely post. When I enjoy the beauty in pictures as well as the beauty in your thoughts I feel so nice. Such a good feeling to enjoy God’s creation.
    Is the first picture your garden? Happy Sunday.
    I got up early in anticipation of bad weather and possibly a loss in electricity so I am viewing your lovely post earlier than usual. Have a good day.

    1. Dear Bonnie, many thanks for your kind words. We are all so blessed by the beauty of God’s creation, I never look at a bloom without being in awe. No, the picture is not of my garden. I posted several last spring and summer, but I think you were traveling and missed those posts. If you want a quick look here is a post from last year, late spring –
      Thanks so much for visiting today, Bonnie. I always enjoy your visit.

  3. Sandra, this is one of the loveliest pieces I have read. Your mom certainly had a love of beauty and God’s creation. Would it not be wonderful to know who penned these amazing thoughts. I always look forward to your Sunday thoughts and images! Have a blessed Holy Week sweet friend!

    1. I agree, Pam. It would be wonderful to know who wrote these lovely words. I always say, as did mom, there is a reason for everything. I find it amazing that these lovely words fell into my mom’s hands. We will know someday. Wishing you a glorious week ahead, dear friend.❤

  4. Such lovely sentiments dear friend on this Palm Sunday. Your inspirational words and photos continually set the tone in reminding us the importance of stopping our chaotic lives, if just for a few moments, and reflect on the beautiful gifts we’ve been given. What a gift you are Sandra! Blessings to you during this meaningful Holy Week. God is so good all the time.

    1. Oh, dear Judy, God put you and me in each other’s paths by way of your dear mom. I have often thought about how much I learned and thoroughly enjoyed her Botany class. She sparked my interest in all things of the plant world and then, of course, my own dear mom nurtured my interest. You are a treasure to me, dear friend. “God is so good all the time,” such truth.
      Blessings, dear friend to you and your beautiful family.
      Great Love,

    1. Dear Maristella, thank you for visiting. Wishing you a glorious week ahead and the love and blessings of Easter.

  5. This is indeed one of the most beautiful, spot on pieces about gardening I’ve ever read. my planting is small but there is such joy in the fruits of labor.

    Thank you so much for your Marmelade Gypsy visits. I was very touched by your comments on today’s posts.

    1. Thank you, Jeanie and I love visiting the Marmelade Gypsy. Your posts are always inspiring. Hope spring is finally visiting you.

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