Sunday Thoughts ~ A Wee Walk

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” ~ Oscar Wilde

terrinakamura: “My next-door-neighbor brought over a pretty bouquet of flowers, 💐 thanking me for taking care of her cat! 🐈 Such a nice gesture! Thanks, Lety! . . #bouquet #flowers #dahlias #summer #seattle #neighbors . . Shot with #googlepixel2xl...

Good Sunday morning, sweet friends.  I hope this finds you well and enjoying these last days of summer.  In our area, we are already seeing a few signs of autumn.  While it certainly isn’t because of the temperatures, it is the leaves.  Many are taking on a slight change of color and some are falling.  However, the goldfinches continue to entertain us as well as the hummingbirds. However, sadly, both will be leaving soon.  Until then, I am enjoying going “Down The Lanes of August.”   I invite you to walk with me this morning.


Down The Lanes of August, by Edgar Albert Guest

“Down the lanes of August ~ and the bees upon the wing.

mostlythemarsh: “Being ”

All the world’s in color now, and all the song birds sing:

x-enial: “Indigo Bunting on Sunflower ” The bird is an Indigo Bunting, common in the countryside of WV.

Never reds will redder be, more golden be the gold.

Down the lanes of August, and the summer getting old.

Mother Nature’s brushes now with paints are dripping wet,

Gorgeous is her canvas with the tints we can’t forget;

Here’s a yellow wheat field~purple asters there,

Riotous the colors that she’s splashing everywhere.


Red the cheeks of apples 

And pink the peaches’ bloom,

Redolent the breezes with the sweetness of perfume;

Everything is beauty crowned by skies of clearest blue,

Mother Earth is at her best once more for me and you.


Down the lanes of August with her blossoms at our feet,

Rich with gold and scarlet, dripping wet with honey sweet.

Rich or poor, no matter, here are splendors spread

Down the lanes of August, for all who wish to tread.”


Dear friends, I hope you have enjoyed your wee walk this morning.   


May you have a beautiful day and a week filled with beauty and joy.

Stay well!







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Karen (Back Road Journal)

I’m so happy to have discovered your lovely blog. Your words and photography are beautiful. I especially enjoyed seeing the Indigo Bunting, what a gorgeous bird.


Absolutely breathtaking! Fantastic pictures!Made my day,week,month,etc! Such beauty…Best wishes,dear Sandra!

Liberty Belle

Thank you for taking me along for the walk. Have a lovely day.


You are welcome and have a lovely day as well.

bonnie morgan

Love the poem and gorgeous images. I would love to see an Indigo Bunting.
Happy Sunday and have a delightful week, Sandra.

Rita C at Panoply

Fabulous images for late August and the segue to September! I love noticing the subtle changes each day.

Penny Carlson

What a beautiful poem and pictures. Have a lovely Sunday!

Pam Richardson

Happy Sunday, Sandra. I so enjoyed the walk and the lovely poem. You always choose the perfect images. I can’t believe that September arrives on Thursday, every month seems to fly by. The indigo bunting is beautiful and I have never seen one…what a treat it would be. Wishing you a wonderful week my friend!


My two signs of the near-end of the summer season proper is goldenrod (profusely lining the roads) and cooler days. We have a fire right now keeping us cozy. There is little boat traffic, which makes things quieter. a gentle day.

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors
Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

Happy Sunday, Sandra! The opening photograph of the floral arrangement is stunning. Oh, those rich colors make my heart sing. Indigo Buntings aren’t very common around my neck of the woods. Although, I have spotted one a couple of times. I guess he was just passing through, but it was such an exciting sight to see! Sweet friend, I hope you have a most beautiful week ahead! Take care!

Sandra Magle

Gorgeous photos…and you are completely right, we have had a break in the heat…and Fall seems to be lurking around the edges. Cleared the garden of produce, and I think just a few more tomatoes will show up. It’s amazing how bright everything is this year…probably from the lack of pollution during the summer months. Loved your photos, Sandi