Sunday Thoughts ~ “A Place Of Enchantment”

“I do not understand how anyone can live without some small place of enchantment to turn to.” ~ Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Good Sunday morning, everyone.  I hope this finds you well and under blue skies.  It is a gray and rainy day here in these ‘West Virginia Hills.’   A good day for reading or a bit of garden dreaming. 

Rawlings’s words certainly spoke to me, as I hope they will speak to you as well.  Personally, I believe it is vitally important for everyone to have their own “place of enchantment.”  Mine, of course, is the garden and our sunroom.  When I look at this photo of our garden, none of the plantings, other than the Japanese maple, were here when we purchased the home (2005).  It was mainly grass and a few ‘undesirables.’  Slowly, I chipped away and began to bring my vision to life.  The little bench, under the Carolina Jessamine (please excuse the mulch), is such a lovely spot to enjoy being alone with your thoughts and to contemplate life, especially when the Jessamine is in bloom. When I planted the Jessamine it was a tiny sprig in two three-inch pots.  It is amazing how it has grown.  And, the fragrance is breathtaking. 

With each passing day, my heart has fallen more in love with this little patch of heaven, especially during these COVID months.  Indeed, it has been a haven for both of us, as it offers such peace and tranquillity.  

“The ideal of beauty is simplicity and tranquillity.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goeth

The photo above is not of our sunroom/library.  However, it looks out upon our garden in much the same fashion from a lovely bay window. The room is small but has such life.  Perhaps, it is because my many friends live there ~ my books.  The room has two comfy chairs, two tables, and an entire wall of books. With several books ‘lovingly’ placed beside and in front of my chair.  And, I can not bear to part with one. 

“So many books, so little time.” ~ Frank Zappa

The snow and cold weather have provided perfect days for reading.  During the past few weeks, I have read some wonderful books.  Madame Fourcade’s Secret War was a Christmas gift from Mike.  It is a true story and a fascinating one.  This young woman had such courage and strength.  Honestly, I wish I could say I would do the same if necessary, but I can’t.  Certainly, I would want to, but I do not know if I have such exemplary qualities.  I highly recommend the book. 

This next book is also a gem.  A wonderful novel by Kate Quinn. There were times when it was difficult to put the book down, but one does have to cook dinner, do some housekeeping, and sleep.

Currently, I am reading The Last Garden in England.  I haven’t read enough of it to share much, other than it is hard to pass by when I am going through the sunroom.  So that probably tells you, “The book is grand.”  

“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.”  ~ Jessica Harrelson


Dear friends, in closing you now know what I’ve been doing.  Dreaming of being able to enjoy another spring unfolding in our “enchanted place” and reading.  Two of my favorite pastimes.  Spring and early summer are spectacular in our garden and I have a spot to read there too.  I do hope you have a place special where you can relax and simply enjoy being alive. I would love to hear about them.  If not, perhaps the photo above will inspire you.  Therefore. . .

Until we meet again, I wish you and yours a beautiful day.

And. . . 

May your week ahead be filled with lovely things and kind souls.







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Penny Carlson

My “garden” is just a couple of pots of herbs on my lanai now, but it is lovely out there looking at the lake and listening to the fountain in the center of the lake. I am reading a Reese’s Book Club book called The Chicken Sisters. Enjoy your Sunday!

Pam Richardson

A place of enchantment is a wonderful thought! I enjoy several places in my home, the cottage, and the garden. Your garden is so beautiful and I know it offers much enchantment. Thank you for the book suggestions. My love for reading prevents me from doing small chores too often. Happy Sunday, Sandra. It is a rainy one here.

Rita C at Panoply

It is a true blessing to feel comfort in our surroundings, wherever that may be. Your landscape garden is beautiful. I am so looking forward to spring! Here’s to a great new start this week!

bonnie morgan

Your garden is enchanting and I love seeing it. Your iris are so beautiful. I am fascinated by the description of your library. I would love to see a picture of it.
The quote about so many books and so little time is so true. I love to read but I never seem to catch up with blogging and Instagram and have time left over to read novels.
Wishing you a delightful week. Enjoy your books.


Your garden is just adorable!Those books look interesting,thank you !Enjoy your time!Best wishes!

Louise Stronach

I so enjoyed the virtual visit to your beautiful garden and have taken note of all the books for my booklist, we can truly agree that when you have books and a garden you have everything you need to be contented. 🌿🌸


Sandra, this is all so true. Your garden is lovely! I know you are happily anticipating spring. Your sun porch sounds like a room you wouldn’t want to leave, having windows, two comfy chairs and a wall of books. I’m glad you’re enjoying Julia Kelly’s book. I thought it was a delightful book. I must put the other two on my wish list!

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors
Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

Sandra, that photograph of the window overlooking your garden is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful view! Thanks for the book suggestions. You made me laugh, because reading a good book can sometimes get me in trouble. I get so involved that time passes by, and I can get behind on my chores. I hope that you have a most beautiful week ahead. I am so anxious for spring to arrive! Take care, sweet friend!

Bobbi Duncan
Sorry for the late comment–having some health issues that have me playing catch up on everything. Just looking at your lovely garden, with it’s perfect size for up-keep, put me in a peaceful mood. Would love to be sitting there with you, sharing this and that. I need to see if jasmine grows where we live–oh, the aroma!. Had it and gardenias where we lived in the south and the smell was shear Heaven wafting through open windows. Won’t be long now until spring shows her pretty blooms–hope it’s an uplifting time for everyone. Thanks so much for the book… Read more »
Angie @ North Trail Living

Oh, your post was so soothing and beautiful. I see your garden and cannot wait for spring to come to my corner of Minnesota. Also, thanks for sharing the books you are reading. I definitely need to get the Last Garden in England.