‘Sunday Thoughts’ ~ A Gift Tied With ‘Heartstrings’

“Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.” ~ Boris Pasternak


Good Sunday morning, sweet friends.  I hope this finds you well and that the past week was good to you.  Life handed me a sweet blessing from above, and I am so happy, I want to share the news.

It was a lovely gift that pulled at my ‘heartstrings.’  You see, it was a beautiful and personal gift from a  friend ~ one I have never met.  Yes, you read that correctly and are probably wondering, “How can that be?”  I have learned many things over the course of this summer (one is never too old to learn).  One of the things I have learned is that the friends made in the blogging world are special and sincere.  No longer will I refer to them as virtual friends, as that seems cold and certainly not ‘kind of heart,’ as my friends are.  Perhaps, I was simply blessed and my blog spoke to these dear friends, but I believe differently.  I see God’s love and warmth in each of them.  Truly, He has had a hand in our connection.

On Friday, I was sitting in the sunroom (still going through books) and Mike brought me a package from the postman.  Immediately, I said, “I didn’t order anything.”  He replied, “Well, it is addressed to you.”  Therefore, I went about opening my unexpected package.  To my great surprise, it was a leather-bound book containing beautiful daily devotions.  Not long, but each one is so inspiring and uplifting.  Written by Sarah Young,  it is titled, “Jesus Always.” 

Written in the introduction, is a little information about the author.  She sounds like a remarkable woman, as she has been dealing with chronic health issues since 2001.  In 2013, she and her husband moved from Western Australia back to the United States and settled in Tennessee.  I hope she was young when they made that move.  Moving from Virginia to West Virginia was enough moving for me. To add to this story, since 2008, she has been dealing with vertigo.  Having dealt with vertigo myself, I can tell you, “It is a mean and ugly visitor, one you do not ever want to welcome.”

We all know God is everywhere, in everything, and everyone.  He clearly has held Ms. Young in the palm of His hand.   And, He also knows my friend that sent me this special book, along with a joyful letter.  Both, I will always treasure, as well as how they made me feel will be forever stored in my heart.  Most of all, my friend will join other bloggers who have done special things for me.  Special people I adore.  

“What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth.  They share it.” ~ C. S. Lewis

I have been richly blessed through the years with many dear friends and their sweet surprises.  My grandmother used to say to me, “Baby, I hope your life is full of sweet surprises.”  She would be most happy if I could share my stories with her. It truly is a joy to be the recipient as well as the giver.  


Dear friends, I hope you have enjoyed your visit.  Know I wish you and yours a glorious day.

And. . .

May sweet surprises be yours ~ always.

And. . .

A sincere and special thanks to my dear friend, for your kindness and thoughtfulness.  Blessings to you and yours.


“Joy is the serious business of heaven.” ~  C. S. Lewis





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20 thoughts on “‘Sunday Thoughts’ ~ A Gift Tied With ‘Heartstrings’

  1. What a lovely gift. Blog friends are truly special. Have a wonderful day Sandra.

  2. Good morning, Sandra. What a sweet surprise that came in the mail, just for you! Friends are amazing, even those we have never met. Wishing you a day filled with love and blessings, dear one ♥️

  3. What a special surprise. I have a friend who lives not too far away, who shares photos of pages from that same book. They are always inspirational. I have a different book from Ms. Young and treasure it. Thank you for another beautiful post. Hugs to you from Western Washington.


    1. Hello, dear Linda. Yes, it was a special surprise, and it truly tugged at my heart. Sarah Young is an amazing author. I will treasure the book always and mostly the thoughts behind the gift. Thank you, Linda, for your kind words.

  4. How lovely to receive such a meaningful gift from someone you have never met, other than through blogging. It surely lifted your spirits.

    1. Dear Lorrie, Yes, it was a special and meaningful gift. The thought behind the gift really is what I will treasure. It really did lift my spirits. The thoughtfulness brought me to tears.

  5. How wonderful! In 2011, one of my sisters gifted Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” to each sibling. I so love the book. Then, serendipitously, one of my blogging friends used it as a prompt for daily posts and discussion. Of course we connected over that, and so much more since.We’re in our third year of book study/discussion prompts. Enjoy the gift, Sandra!

    1. Hello, Rita. What a lovely gift from your sister and it was meant to be that the words would become part of your blogging friend’s daily posts. I will treasure this gift always.

  6. Sandra, I first read Jesus Calling and then, for the last two years, have enjoyed Jesus Always. Sarah Young is a wonderful writer. I am so glad you like the book.

    1. Dearest Bonnie. I will treasure the book forever. Ms.Young is a gifted writer. Truly, I was blessed by the kindness of the beautiful soul who thought to send it my way. The thoughtfulness brought me to tears.

  7. I have found so many bloggers to be just who we think they are from their blogs — no pretense. Just warmth and authenticity. What a lovely and perfect gift from a dear friend. Yes, real friends. And I just love what your grandmother told you. She nailed it perfectly.

    1. Dear Jeanie, you are so right. I haven’t been blogging that long, but my experiences have been the best. The gift was so special and the thought behind it is what tugged at my heart. My grandmother had a way of saying things in a way one didn’t forget. She was a treasure.

  8. Dear Sandra,
    Love reading about your special friend’s gift to you. I have long been a fan of Sarah Young. “Jesus Calling” sits by my bedside, another of Sarah’s treasures. Every morning I begin my day by reading this precious leather bound book of daily devotionals, given to me 10 years ago by a very dear friend, who left this earth for her eternal resting place five years ago. Enjoy your special blessing from your dear friend. You are such a gift to all of us.🙏🏻 Much love my friend, Judy

    1. Dear Judy, I have had the blessing of receiving many special gifts from special people I have never met. You, dear one, are one of them, leaving the beautiful tulipiere on my porch. This gift from my dear blogging friend is one I will treasure and well know it is a blessing. In this upside-down world, it places my heart at ease to realize there are still many people who ‘scatter joy.’ God’s work.

      I hope this finds you and yours doing well and enjoying these autumn days.

  9. Sandra, what a thoughtful and special gift that such a kind friend sent. How it must have lifted your spirits and brightened your day. I hope that the week ahead is full of blessings and joy, sweet friend!

    1. Hello, Shannon. Yes, it was thoughtful and so special. The gift and especially the thought behind it truly tugged at my heart. Hope you and your family are feeling better and have a great week!

  10. Ms. Sandra, you are worth every joy and kindness that is bestowed upon you. May God make his face to shine upon you and grant you peace. You are loved…..a lot.

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