Sunday Thoughts ~ A Garden Walk About

“The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size.” ~ Gertrude S. Wister


Good Sunday morning, sweet friends.  This past week our weather has been quite cold.  Although, on Tuesday we had blue skies and temperatures hovering around fifty degrees.  So out  I went for a ‘walk about the garden.’  Such a good idea it was because the next day we had snow and temperatures in the twenties.

On this lovely blue sky day, I was delighted by the many splendid things happening.  One of which was the charming snowdrops, well on their way through the soil.  Louise Wilder, an American gardening writer, tells us, “Snowdrops are a fragile but hardy celebration . . .in the very teeth of winter.  True words.  I never fail to be in awe of their remarkable strength to come forth in the bitter cold and provide us with delicate and delightful little blooms.  Indeed, a few snowdrops in a tiny vase provide such joy on a gray winter day.   

“Life is the greatest gift that could ever be conceived … A daffodil pushing up through the dark earth to the spring, knowing somehow deep in its roots that spring and light and sunshine will come, has more courage and more knowledge of the value of life than any human being I’ve met.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle

Daffodil ~ King Alfred.  The lovely Tulipiere was a gift from a dear friend.

A few years ago, I wrote a lengthy post about daffodils.  There are so many varieties and classifications. I only touched the surface in this post.  Should you be interested in reading,  visit here.

Daffodils are such a cheerful sight in the spring.  Bursting with sunshine, they seem so happy.  As many years as I have watched them poke their sweet green heads through the soil, I am always thrilled beyond words to see them.  On my walk, I was happy to see many of ours are on their way up, with the bold King Alfred arriving first, as always.  King Alfred will soon be keeping company with Billy Graham, Barrett Browning, sweet Tete-a-Tete, and many others.  

Daffodil ~ Billy Graham.

Narcissus 'Barrett Browning'Daffodil ~ Barrett Browning.

Muscari, Blue, Blossom, Bloom, Spring, DaffodilsDaffodil ~ Tete-a-Tete with Muscari.  Tete-a-Tete is a miniature daffodil.

I hope wherever you may be that you are seeing a few tiny snippets of spring.  These little wonders can certainly carry us through the winter, especially if one is not a winter person.  I happen to enjoy winter and all of its dazzling beauty, but I know winter can be difficult for many.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” ~ Dr. Seuss


Dear friends, in closing, the following words are from my first post, written on January 29, 2017.  Now and again, I look back at this post as I always want to remember why I began this adventure.  

“There is so much I want to say and so many things I hope to inspire.  I want this blog to be special for you ~ something you look forward to in our crazy world, a source of inspiration.”  

I hope I have been successful in some small way and that my blog, for the brief few moments you visit, offers you peace and inspiration.  Inspiration to possibly inspire you to create beauty for yourself and those you love.  Or, perhaps you read a few special words to tuck away in your heart and bring forth on a difficult day. Something which speaks to you.

We are all too busy, so know, I sincerely appreciate your visit and the time you take to comment.  It is what moves me forward on this journey.  This past year has proven how terribly important a circle of like-minded friends, even virtual, can be. 

Wishing you and yours a beautiful and peaceful day.

And. . .

May your week ahead be full of kind people, sunny skies, and snippets of spring.

Stay well!

1lifeinspired: “♥ ”


“I already hear the flowering spring” ~ unknown





Images: Tumblr, White Flower Farm, and M.S. Lambiotte



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Brenda @ It\'s A Beautiful Life

“Snowdrops are a fragile but hardy celebration . . .in the very teeth of winter.” What a picture that phrase holds. Sandra, I am so glad and grateful for your beautiful blog and the inspiring company we can keep here in our virtual world. Thank you for being faithful to your dream. We glean the fruit of your labour and delight in it. Heart hugs, Brenda xo

Pam Richardson

Good morning Sandra, the snowdrops and daffodils are so beautiful on a cold and rainy day. Happy blog anniversary, you have stayed true to your dream. Thank you for the beauty and inspiring sentiments that you share. Wishing you a lovely Sunday my friend♥️

bonnie morgan

Thank you for such a sweet post. Garden flowers are such gifts from God. To see the tender bulbs come forth so faithfully each year to cheer us during the winter months is so exciting and gratifying knowing God has provided some cheer for us.
His creation shouts to all the world every day.
How exciting every day is to experience the blessings we have.
Sandra, I do love your tulipiere. Pinned!
Have a great week.

Rita C at Panoply

Happy blogiversary, Sandra! Today’s post is so full of hope, I love it. The snowdrops are such a sweet sign of what’s to come. I keep looking for buds on the hellebores, non so far. Happy Sunday!

Bobbi Duncan

Flowers bring such a renewed sense of hope and joy. Your blog has brought me many thought provoking quotes and words of inspiration that I carry in my heart, and certainly cherish. Hugs to you, dear friend, and a very happy blog anniversary!


Hapy Blog Anniversary! Thank you for your beautiful posts! Sweet flowers and quotes. Stunning blue and white pieces, unique tulipiere! Have a lovely day!

Penny Carlson

Beautiful Sandra. The one thing I might miss since moving to Florida are the spring flowers, but lucky me, there are flowers year round here!

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors
Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

Happy Anniversary on your beautiful blog, Sandra! The snowdrops and daffodils are such a pretty sight on this cold and dreary winter’s day. I hope you have a most beautiful and blessed week ahead! Take care, dear friend!


Well, first of all, congratulations on four years of blogging and bringing up beauty and beautiful words to contemplate, enlighten and inspire. I think so far you have met the goals you set for yourself.

Daffs are one of my favorites and I’ll be eager when I see mine come up. I think I really must plant some snowdrops this year! Such lovely color on a cold, white day!


I do love the photo of the snowdrops in a glass and the words that accompany it. Inspirational words also fit the quote as I think of them as celebrations during difficult times. Words are powerful to encourage and inspire, and I’m always happy to visit you here. Thank you!


Absolutely beautiful, dear Sandra. Happy blog anniversary to you, and us too. I never fail to leave here with a happier heart and a peaceful inspiration and encouragement, friend. xo Lidy


Your photos make me excited about the weeks ahead when those green shoots will appear in the garden! I agree with you about the snowdrops. I clipped the three that appeared early in the week under a dusting of snow and brought them into the warmth of the kitchen. They’re sitting in a tiny glass on a shelf so I can look up into their sweet faces. They are double galanthus nivalis Flore Pleno and the only 3 out of 25 we planted to come up this year. A little miracle.

Happy Blog Anniversary, Sandra!