Romance Is In The Air !

“ROMANCE is a celebration of the senses ~ a celebration of being Alive.” ~ Susan Branch

Many of you most likely realize by now, I am a hopeless romantic.  Clearly, anyone who collects peonies certainly must be.  Flowers truly speak the language of love.  Their beauty is captivating and romantic.

“A rose is a rose, but a peony is a friend forever.” ~ Unknown

“She was a real romantic she loved the moon and stars rain and thunder roses and poetry.  Anything alive. Anything with soul.” ~ N. R. Hart

Many years ago, sentiments were conveyed by one’s selection of flowers for a bouquet. Did you know that a bouquet of red tulips is an overt declaration of love?  Yes, it is.  Should you want to research this topic further, there are numerous books available on the language and meaning of flowers. Meanwhile, if you are looking for true love, be sure to keep a forget-me-not tucked in your locket.  Or, if you would like someone to know you are thinking of them, send them a bouquet of  zinnias. And in case you are obsessed with peonies like I am, the meaning of a peony is:  Good Life, Happy Marriage and Bashfulness.

Lovely and heartfelt words are, and always have been, marvelously romantic.  I do so love such words.  As a young woman,  living and working in Washington, D. C. I would attend poetry readings on the campus of The George Washington University on Saturday mornings.  To do so, I had to change buses three times.  But for me, it was worth every effort.

“Poetry, beauty, romance, love…are what we stay alive for.” ~ Walt Whitman

And when it comes to saying things beautifully and ever so romantic, the French are not to be out done.  Such as:  In French, you don’t say “I miss you.”  You say “tu me manques” which means ~ “you are missing from me.”  Doesn’t that make your heart pound a little harder?  It does mine.


“When he spoke, what tender words he used !  So softly, that like flakes of feathered snow, They melted as they fell.” ~ John Dryden

Romantics are known to add romance to their homes.  Among their favorite additions, may be a pretty dressing table.

“Prendre Le Temps.” ~ Take your time.

Or, tables covered with gorgeous linen falling to the floor.  Doesn’t lunch or dinner at such a table, with your special someone, speak romance?

Always, a little sparkle.   

Tassels and Trims.  

And, always and always – stunning blooms.   

Romantics are also drawn to lovely linens, and adore magnificent needlework.  Many of us have such an appreciation of how women of past generations have poured their desires for beauty into needle, thread, cloth and canvas.  And, this remains a great source of inspiration for women today, as many continue to create this delicate art. 



“Let us have a quiet hour.” ~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Beautiful rituals are also part of a romantic life.  Ah, the pleasures of the “quiet hour.”  Today, many or probably most, women do not have an hour each day to devote to quiet reflection.  But, we can certainly dream about it, and enjoy it when we can.  A cup of perfectly brewed tea in a pretty china cup,  can bring instant calm to a hectic day. 

 “Brew me a cup for a winter’s night.  For the wind howls loud and the fairies fight;  Spice it with love and stir it with care,  and I’ll toast our bright eyes, my sweetheart fair.”  ~ Minna Thomas Antrim


“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.”John Lennon

Of all the things I have mentioned today, I would say romantics enjoy the romance of daily life probably the most.  We treasure time spent with those we love during long lunches or dinners.  We absolutely adore real conversations, beautiful movies, wonderful books, magnificent gardens with luscious blooms, the wonders of nature,  laughter of children, bird song, and fluffy white clouds on blue skies.  

So, “My Valentines,” I hope you have enjoyed, and been inspired by Part I of, “Romance Is In The Air.”   But, for the most beautiful inspiration today, visit here !


Part II will be published Sunday, February 11, 2018.


Thanks for visiting. Wishing you and yours a most beautiful day !


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Photos: Michael S. Lambiotte, Pinterest, Facebook, and Veranda

Music and Lyrics, “My Valentine” by: Paul McCartney,  Youtube
























15 thoughts on “Romance Is In The Air !

  1. Beautiful compilation, Sandra – thank you! I enjoyed Sir Paul’s Valentine ditty, but the images are arrestingly beautiful, especially the peony in the rain, the roses and clematis, and the fine needlework! Your memory of Sat mornings for poetry readings….no denying you are a hopeless romantic. ♥

    1. Ah, Rita – thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, I truly am a romantic at heart – a condition which has become worse with age. Happy you enjoyed the post – have a wonderful day!

  2. What a beautiful article! I loved all of it! The flowers, the beautiful home accessories and furniture! But I loved Paul McCarthy the best! I will forever think of you when I see the Beatles! We watched them on the Ed Sullivan Show the very first time we watched them! We were 13! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Mike!

    1. Ah Becky, thank you so much. Happy you enjoyed the post. I have always loved the song by Sir Paul and I do so remember watching the Beatles with you, even though some days it is hard to remember 13. Happy Valentine’s day to you and Steve also !

  3. Oh what a BEAUTIFUL post! I love flowers and was a florist when I worked. We lived in the woods for almost 30 years and it was SO hard to now be able to grow the flowers I wanted. I do now have 2 peony bushes and am SO thankful for them. I also have roses and hydrangeas. Thank you for all this beauty and I look forward to part 2!!

    1. Oh Pinky, I am thrilled to see you here. You are correct, growing flowers in a wooded area is difficult – there are some things that thrive and many than do not. I am so happy you have peonies and with your roses and hydrangeas – you really have the garden beauties. Thanks again for visiting, and I hope you will enjoy Part II.

  4. Sandra, please forgive my tardiness in commenting on this gorgeous and romantic post! I have had issues with commenting all week. I would comment and then the comment would disappear.

    I thoroughly loved every word that you penned and all those you quoted. The photos weave romance perfectly with your sentiments! I can’t wait to see your beautiful peonies. I look forward to part 2. You truly share beauty with your readers! XOXO

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