Inspiring Hearts !

“Hearts can inspire other hearts with their fire.” – Susan Branch

                                                    Japanese Tree Peony who resides in “Le Jardin.”

Happy New Year, everyone!  Most likely, as you opened this post you were thinking, “Why is she writing about peonies in January?”  Well, this post isn’t about peonies. I will save my peony obsession writings (notice writings is plural) until spring.  However, photos of magnificent blooms certainly offer inspiration for the garden world. 

As we begin the New Year, my post today is about inspiration.  To me, inspiration is the magic which sparks the fire within. Example:  When I gaze upon one of my treasured peonies, I am inspired to try and conquer the garden world.  And through the years, I have tried. ‘Believe me, I have tried.’  But the point is:  There are so many wonderful things to do in this world, and each of us have our own unique talents. Thereby, holding the power to be ‘inspiring hearts.’

Because you have arrived at “Where Inspiration Blooms,” perhaps you may be interested in, and also enjoy, a bit of inspiration.  Inspiration as you ponder projects you may be considering for your home during the months ahead.  The following living areas are so clean and fresh.  Clean and fresh … perfect thoughts as we begin a New Year. 

In the photo below, the way the art work is hung beside the built in cupboard,  gives the illusion of doors. Quite clever.

Looking for something different? The deep lilac on the pillow covers and throw offers vivid color without permanence.

And, soft peach on the walls speaks spring and summer.  Although to me, the color transports me to time spent in the Caribbean Islands – perhaps it does you, too?

Or do you have a room or area in need of some sunshine?  Look what the yellow buffalo checks do for the area below.

Oh, but wait – there is more. While not everyone has rooms with such grand architectural details as in the following photo. The photo presents many items of inspiration.  The beautiful chandelier, the special way the chair ties are braided down the backs of the chair legs, the topiary trees in the Provence planters, lovely mirror with flanking sconces, and the wonderful vintage flat wall cupboard. Similar items are readily available today.

And, we can always take inspiration from the classic, blue and white.  

Of course we can not exclude the bedroom, our most special retreat. Notice again, the soft peach on the walls.

Love the chinoiserie toile headboard, bed skirt and window treatments. And, the aqua creates a happy feeling in the room.

The following rooms offer timeless beauty.  With their soft colors they are calming, and invite you to rest.

I always draw great inspiration from finding a color or an item in an unexpected place.  Such as the lovely lilac window treatment in this stunning kitchen. Also, notice the beautifully potted orchid in the same lilac tone, to the right of the stove.

When we train our eyes to notice fabulous details,like those on the duvet and draperies, inspiration follows.


I do hope you have enjoyed your visit today.  It is my goal to inspire you toward all things of beauty.  Such as: Talented people, magnificent gardens, glorious flowers – especially PEONIES, lovely rooms, beautiful words, and great cooking. And the words from Jodi Picoult are so worth remembering as we seek inspiration,  “Extraordinary things are always hiding in places people never think to look.”  To that I will add, often, in our own homes and backyards.”


Use your gifts to inspire others.  Be an ‘inspiring heart’ – our world needs you!

Thanks for visiting !

Au Revoir,



Photos: Michael S. Lambiotte, Pinterest, Facebook, House Beautiful and AD



14 thoughts on “Inspiring Hearts !

  1. Great inspiration in this quiet and calm month of January, Sandra. January is my favorite month to pour over inspiring books, magazines and blogs. And, I can’t wait to see your peonies in bloom. You simply must share many photos of them en masse!

    1. Rita, I rather enjoy January also. When we lived in VA. spring came around the 3rd week of Feb. I enjoy thinking about gardening and projects during the winter and then watching spring slowly come to life. It is much too lovely of a season to be rushed. You will most definitely see photos of the peonies when they bloom – they love to be photographed you know. Thanks so much for visiting!

  2. Sandra, your blog always inspires me…beautiful photos that you chose to share with so much eye-candy! I agree with Rita, please share your peonies with us when they bloom! Wishing you a beauty-filled day!

    1. Pam, thanks for visiting and I am pleased you enjoyed the post. You will truly see photos of the peonies when they bloom, I won’t be able to help myself. The show begins around the last week of April with 1 particular tree peony and continues until the last of May.

  3. I love this post, Sandra, and all the beautiful eye candy you’ve shared. Inspiration can indeed come from anything and anyone that crosses our path, you just have to keep your eyes and mind open.

    1. Amalia, so good to see you here and that you enjoyed the post. And, you are so correct about training our eyes to see and our minds and hearts to hear. Have a beautiful day.

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