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Good Morning Everyone:  Happy Friday!

This morning, I would like to share something I feel is beautiful, as well as quite special to me.  The song, “It’s a Wonderful World,” sung by, Louis Armstrong.

Why does this song have such meaning to me?  Many years ago, I had the honor of being part of a staff which opened a grand new middle school.  At that time, it was the largest middle school in the state of Virginia.  Student population of 2,200 and a staff of over 200.  The staff was truly, the finest group of people I have ever seen assembled under one roof.  Such talented, wonderful and caring people, all working together for a common cause – the children.  I often wondered to myself, “How was it I was so fortunate to be part of this special group of people?”  My only answer, God smiled on me, and I was forever grateful.”  The six years I spent with this staff was  life changing –  for me.  Great people change others – it is that simple… they just do.

So, back to the song.  Every August when the staff members returned from their summer vacation, they were welcomed by this lovely song playing over the public address system, as they entered the building.   You see, these fabulous people truly believed it was a wonderful world.  Their positive attitude and extraordinary enthusiasm, for and about, absolutely everything was infectious.   Therefore, this morning, I hope to begin your day with a smile, maybe a joyful tear, as you listen to this lovely piece of music.  And, as you go about your life this weekend, I do hope you will – “Think to yourself, What a Wonderful World.”

Thanks for visiting today – Love and Hugs to you!

Au Revoir,


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Becky Rogers
Sandra, what a wonderful way to start this Friday… you are blessed with so many wonderful memories of all the colleagues and students that passed by in those years at this wonderful school. My memories of this song revolve around Norwood Elementary School . When my oldest granddaughter’s kindergarten class sang and signed this song. I cried through the whole song. I was actually embarrassed as I sobbed! Well, the next year, my twin grandsons were in the same kindergarten, and, yep… they signed and sang this, as well! Sobbed! To this day…. I still sob when I hear it!… Read more »
Brenda @ It\'s A Beautiful Life

How many times has that song given me a lift just when I needed it. Thanks for the gift you shared today.

Happy weekend, Sandra,

Chris Scheuer

What a beautiful post! I listened to the song, looking out my front door with beautiful morning sunshine streaming through the Bradford pear tree, all covered with white blossoms. There were daffodils showing off in all their glory, birds flitting from tree to tree and a soft warm breeze making everything gently flutter. Thanks!