A Stroll With Blue!

“The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, AND SO ARE YOU !”  – Unknown   

Good Morning, my Beautiful Friends!  I do hope you are seeing a blue sky this morning.  Here in North Central West Virginia, we have many gray winter days.  Fortunately, our home has almost floor to ceiling windows in many rooms, which afford us a great deal of light.  But, should this find you suffering a wee bit from the “Winter Blues,” perhaps a stroll through the following rooms, filled with blue, may lighten your heart.  And, you just may decide, blue is beautiful.

Let’s begin by visiting two lovely foyers.  The first is wearing deep blue chinoiserie on the walls.  

And this one has  two gorgeous lamps with French blue shades, a marvelous painting, and an urn with blue hyacinths. 

From the foyer, let us proceed to the dining rooms.  The first dining room is made blue by the drapes, seat covers, rug and accents.  Although, this room could easily be changed by selecting another color from the rug and then changing the drapes and seat covers.  

Ah, this room has such softness, wearing its pale blue.  It invites guests to share in an intimate candlelight dinner, even if it is 1:00 in the afternoon. Truly, a room to linger and enjoy wonderful conversation.

The last dining room, designed by Mark D. Sikes, is such a lively room.  However, with the gorgeous chandelier and beautiful furnishings, it is quite elegant.  A room for celebration of daily life to grand events.  And the heavenly French blue is my favorite shade of blue.

Next, let’s visit a few living rooms.  In this room, the deep blue of the sofa immediately captures your attention, making the color the star of the room.  Additionally, the color is also happy with the warm wood tones.  A most enjoyable space for family, or to entertain guests.  

Oh, this room speaks eternal spring.  It is soft and full of light – it whispers.

And the last, but certainly not least, this living room is what I refer to as a ‘happy room.’  The fabric on the chairs, and the shade of blue are simply happy.  Who wouldn’t enjoy spending time in this charming room?

Before we see the kitchens, let’s visit the powder rooms.  The first room is stunning, with navy chinoiserie on the walls and a classic marble sink. 

To me what makes the next room stroll worthy is not just because it is wearing a pretty shade of blue, but because it has good bones.  This room has in place a most attractive vanity with a marble top and a beautiful faucet.  With little expense, the entire personality of the room could be changed to suit individual taste.  

 In our first kitchen, we see this fabulous stove.  I will tell you, “I covet this stove.”  Really, I do. 

And this kitchen is so clean and fresh, all dressed in classic blue and white. 

Oh my, this is a dream of a kitchen.  Quite French inspired, with its lovely chandelier and weathered blue.  The blue looks as though it has baked in the Provence sun.

And what a lovely breakfast area.  Wouldn’t this beautiful blue make you happy every morning?  I believe it would make morning coffee even better – if that is possible.  

So next on our stroll, let’s wander through a few bedrooms.  The shade of blue and fabric choice in this first bedroom is soft and beautiful. 

Another soft room with a lovely choice of bedding.

Regarding this last bedroom, the words of Alexandra Stoddard come to my mind, “All you really need is a wonderful bed.”  Clearly, truth for this room.  But, don’t you think the shade of blue is also wonderful?  My goodness, I certainly do.  No, I will change that.  I think it is a magnificent shade of blue! 


Today we finish our stroll  with sun rooms.  The powder blue of the first two rooms maintains the feel of softness and calm. 

Notice the wide powder blue band along the leading edge of the draperies, they form such a nice frame for the windows.

The medium shade of blue in this room creates a much more vibrant room than the previous two rooms.  The varied fabrics selections for the pillow covers are quite happy together.

Dear friends, this concludes our stroll for today. One I hope you have enjoyed. While these photos are from pages of glossy magazines and Pinterest, I hope you will take away some inspiration and ideas you can use in your home.  Things such as lighting, cabinet hardware, style of furniture and placement, window treatments, types of rugs, fabric selection and accessories.  And, perhaps an appreciation of the many different shades of blue.  Also, there are a few interesting ‘blue notes’ at the end of this post you may enjoy.

Questions? Always look to nature.  For it is there you will find answers, beauty, and the most beautiful of all colors.


“Blue color is everlasting appointed by the deity to be a source of delight.” – John Ruskin


Thanks for visiting.  Always wishing you, Blue Skies !

Au Revoir,



Blue Notes:  

“Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones…it will always stay blue.” – Raoul Dufy

The color Blue, symbolizes trust, loyalty and confidence.

President Martin VanBuren is credited with introducing blue into the decorating scheme of the White House in 1837 and since then, there has been a “Blue Room” in the White House.

The French believe the color blue keeps away evil spirits.  Thus, explaining the color blue on many of their doors, shutters and window trim.  The color blue is also used widely in their kitchens, preventing anything evil from the food.


Photos:  Pinterest, Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful, Verandah House and Facebook

Designer, Mark D. Sikes – photo noted

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Rita C at Panoply

Beautiful roundup!

Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things
Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

I love blue and have incorporated more of it into my new home. I love all of the rooms you shared.


Is that why we have the phrase ‘true blue’? A lovely post with my favourite colour combo blue and white. A delightful start to my morning. Happy Day, Sandra!


Blue and white is my all time favourite colour combination. It just cannot be topped. Gorgeous photos of blue and white rooms.

Pam Richardson

Sandra, what a lovely tour of rooms highlighting the color blue! There is not one room that you have included that I don’t love. Blue remains a favorite of mine. I felt like I just perused a beautiful book! Thank you for all the inspiration.