10 thoughts on “The Saddest Day of My Life

  1. Oh Michael, there are no words for this sad, sad day. I am so sorry on the passing of dear Sandra, the Love of your life. I can only imagine your loss and grief. I am sorry the miracle didn’t come as we had hoped.

    Please know that Sandra meant a great deal to me. I felt her kindred heart from the first time we ‘met’ here online on her blog and on Facebook. She was a beautiful light in my life. I am bereft today.

    I’m asking the good Lord to keep Sandra near to His heart in her new journey, and I ask that He also enfold you in His heart and love on you both.

    Sending my heartfelt thoughts of condolence at this time.

    Bren xo

    Brenda @ It’s A Beautiful Life blog
    Alberta, Canada

  2. I am so very sorry to read this sad news, Michael. I very much enjoyed Sandra’s writing here on the blog and her love of beauty.
    May you find comfort in sweet memories and in God’s ever-loving presence.


  3. Si, realmente ha sido para mí, en principio una gran sorpresa y mi alma llora. Sandra fur para mí esa persona que Dios me la puso en mi camino. Ella elebaba mi alma, era hermosa, creativa, dulce…una gran mujer y una gran amiga.
    Estuve alejada un tiempo porque tuve un accidente y no podía escribir ya que me rompí el hombro derecho.
    Nunca la olvidaré, ella ha dejado su legado escrito en este blog y cuando la necesite la leeré.
    Un enorme abrazo y todas mis condolencias.
    Dolores Velasco

  4. Oh Mike, I know many hearts — including mine — are breaking as we read this sad news but none more than yours. Sandra left a remarkable imprint on so many of us who have met only through this blog. Her spirit was so vibrant, so alive, so full of love and joy and all thing beautiful. I know you realize the great gift of being able to share in that spirit every day of your lives together. And I know that makes the parting all the harder. Sending many wishes for peace and healing to you.
    ~ jeanie from Marmelade Gypsy

  5. I am so sorry to know that Sandra will not be visiting my inbox anymore. I so enjoyed her wonderful photos, quotes and writing. I know your heart is breaking. Sending gentle hugs and prayers to you and your family.

  6. Mike, I will not try to diminish your grief because it cannot be done. A wonderful soul has just left us all and will rightfully take her special place in her new heavenly home. Sandra will live on in all of our hearts until we join her again. God be with you.

  7. Introduced to Sandra’s musings by Bren in Alberta, I will miss her beautiful words. My deepest sympathy for your loss with continued prayers for your family.

  8. Mike, I am so sorry for the news of Sandra’s passing. She felt like a neighbor to me, given that we’re both in West Virginia. She wrote beautiful posts on gardening, cooking, and what I call “good words”. Hers was a blog I loved reading, and will miss. She gave me sound advice on transplanting baptisia (false indigo) last fall and I look forward to seeing it emerge. That, peonies and iris will always remind me of her. I pray both her transition in death as well as yours in life are smooth. May you be blessed with caring friends and family for many years to come, not just the immediate future. I hope you will feel Sandra’s presence, especially when you most need it.

  9. Dear Mike,
    I am so very sorry. I almost added “for your great loss”, but you have not truly “lost” Sandra, for I feel confident you will feel her presence everywhere, and when you do, they will be beautiful moments. May God bless you with His warm embrace during this most difficult time. This poem so reminds me of you, precious Sandra:

    Life is like a garden.
    Every small work
    Of kindness & thoughtful gesture
    Is like a tiny seed,
    And when you plant these seeds,
    Wonderful things happen.

    Smiles appear, dreams blossom,
    And love takes root & grows.
    Before you know it,
    Happiness is all around you.

    It takes a lot of care & effort
    To tend the garden of life,
    But you’re one of those people
    Who have a special gift for it,
    A special someone who makes the world a very beautiful place.

    Thank you, my friend. I will always remember.

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