Sunday Thoughts ~ Quiet Moments

“Everybody should be quiet near a little stream and listen.” ~ Maurice Sendak

moonandtrees: “ the house of the gatekeeper by Sylvia Okkerse on Flickr. ”

Good Sunday morning, sweet souls.  Do you ever feel as though all you hear is noise?  Sometimes, I do.  Perhaps that is why I love my garden, it is perfectly calm and serene.  And, the choir of the precious birds is the only music I hear.  

I thrive on peaceful days, and I honestly feel all humans would be a little kinder if they had a quiet place and a few moments in their day to enjoy a reprieve from the chaos of the world.  Understand, I am not suggesting we should all go to the woods and live as Thoreau did.  But, there are days I think an afternoon by Walden’s pond would be pure bliss.  How about you?



Dear friends, thank you for your visit today.  Know I am wishing you and yours a lovely and peaceful day.


May the week ahead find you enjoying sweet and peaceful moments.


“The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence.” ~ Marianne Moore




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bonnie morgan

As I view the full moon in the quiet and still hour of early morning the serenity and awe can not be put into words. Your images of peaceful moments are lovely.

Penny Carlson

I love peace and quiet. A walk in the woods, sitting on my back deck are all very calming. Happy Sunday.

maria dolores velasco vidal
Dear friend, today you show us the richness of silence, that thing we hardly practice, at least me. Because although I live alone, that is no reason to shut up, sometimes I talk to myself! … as someone said … “is the best option” hahahahaha Silence is very interesting because it allows the spirit to speak, to meditate. I don’t always talk … sometimes (many) I see the birds that flutter through the small meadow that overlooks my kitchen … I see them, I listen to their song and how they talk to each other, yes, the birds talk, no,… Read more »
Pam Richardson

Sandra, I so enjoy silencing the noise. I have been home all day by myself because I came down with something that has put me to bed. Unable to go to church, I have enjoyed the quiet. Thank you for your encouraging posts sweet friend.


Beautiful pictures and quotes!I wish you a peaceful week !Hugs and blessings!


Peaceful days. Yes, I think we all thrive on those. It seems there are fewer and fewer of them. What beautiful words and images today, my friend!

Rita C at Panoply

Thank you, Sandra. It’s not as often as it should be that I even allow myself quiet moments, other than when I lay my head on my pillow at night, but I savor the gift when I give it to myself. Thank you for the gentle reminder that kindness to one’s self opens up the opportunity for a greater circle of the same. Happy Valentine’s week to you.