‘Sunday Thoughts’ ~ Beauty, Wonder and Awe!

“For beauty, truth, and goodness are not obsolete:  they spring eternal in the breast of man.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Good morning, dear friends.  I do hope this finds you well and under blue skies filled with bird song.  We have been blessed with a little rain in the evenings and cooler temperatures during the day.  Certainly not August weather.  However, often I have seen September arrive with August temperatures.  This time of year, I always begin to look forward to autumn. How about you?   

As you probably know, I can only endure so much of the daily news.  Then I turn to the beauty of the garden, words of marvelously talented writers, and the comfort of our loving sweet home.  In going through my quotes and in reading, it seems as though life through the years has often been filled with troubling times.  Perhaps,  that is why there is so much written about the beauty of the world and nature.  There is peace in the simple joys of life.  So, I thought today I would share with you some of these things, a little respite from the daily news.

“The individual human is still the creature who can wonder, who can be enchanted by a sonata, who can place symbols together to make poetry to gladden our heart, who can view a sunrise with a sense of majesty and awe.”~ Rollo May

earthporn: “The crystal clear water of Lake Michigan at Cave Point Park at sunrise. [1067x1600] [OC] by: nickargiresphoto ”Sunrise and the clear water of Lake Michigan’s Cave Point Park.  Photo, Nick Argires

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

“Sometimes happiness lies amongst the flowers. . .  Sometimes that’s all it takes to find happiness; is to open our eyes to the simplest of wonders.” ~ Nicole Addison


“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

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“There is not a particle of life that does not bear poetry within it.” ~Gustave Flaubert


Dear friends, I hope you have received a brief respite from the chaos of our world.

Know I wish you and yours a beautiful day and week ahead.

And . . .

“May you take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention.”  ~ John O’Donohue 







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15 thoughts on “‘Sunday Thoughts’ ~ Beauty, Wonder and Awe!

  1. Thank you for your lovely post this morning Sandra. The pictures are beautiful and the quotes inspiring. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. Happy Sunday, Sandra! The photos and quotes are so beautiful and a wonderful break from the chaos of the world. Wishing you a week filled with peace and blessings, sweet friend!

  3. Good afternoon, Sandra. Thank you for sharing each beautiful and stunning image. In a world turned upside down, it is very nice to escape the noise and find beauty in God’s creation. Wishing you a wonderful week and for each day to give you more strength ♥️

  4. What beautiful images and quotes, Sandra. It’s a lovely way to celebrate a Sunday. Sending all good wishes for a beautiful week for you both!

  5. Beautiful photos and quotes. I want to pin and look back over them. I’m on my phone waiting for the drug store to open. We’ll see if I can get this to go. Have a good week.

  6. Dear Sandra, I do try to believe what Emerson says and I know that beauty surrounds us even when television news is far from beautiful. Sometimes I think a degree of myopia is necessary to blot out constant awareness of things that are happening. And beauty does help so much, flowers help, watching my little great-grandchildren play helps, brushing my dachshunds at night and on and on. I was so frightened when I read your late July post, stunned that it could have happened so suddenly, but I am so happy to see these posts of yours since then and wish you continued recovery. Life is so precious, a fact I get more and more aware of the older I get. Right now I’m daily waiting for updates on a dear friend who is struggling back from a stroke and it is the little things in my life that are comforting.

    Best wishes to you,

    1. Dear Dewena, thank you so much for your lovely and kind thoughts. Our world is so crazy that we would be in serious difficulty without beauty and the little things that bring is joy. I am slowly on the mend, but each day is better. I do hope the best for your special friend. I also hope you had a lovely week.

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