‘Sunday Thoughts’ ~ “April, Warm and Blue”

“Outside it is warm and blue and April.” ~ Sylvia Plath

wanderthewood: “ Bluebell wood in Beverley, Yorkshire, England by Sarich10 ” Bluebell wood in Beverley, Yorkshire, England

Good morning, dear friends.  I hope this finds you well and under blue skies.  We are having a few April showers today, but I do know that as April unfolds, she will bring us magnificent beauty ~ she always does. 

While on my weekly journey through my volumes of quotes and poems, I realized there was a significant amount of words written about the month of April.  Some transported me to the enchanted place of which they spoke and yet, others, the writer was almost cruel to this wondrous month. Evidently, April was not a month that appealed to everyone.  Of course, I selected the words of beauty and I hope they will transport you to lovely places, remind you of precious moments, and inspire you to relish the days of this glorious month. 

“Of all the months that fill the year, Give April’s month to me, For Earth and Sky are then so filled With sweet variety!” ~  Letitia Elizabeth Landon (1802-1838)

“April’s Charms”  by, William Henry Davies

“When April scatters charms of Primrose gold
Among the copper leaves in thickets old,
And singing Skylarks from the meadows rise,
To twinkle like black stars in sunny skies;

When I can hear the small Woodpecker ring
Time on a tree for all the birds that sing;
And hear the pleasant Cuckoo, loud and long ~
The simple bird that thinks two notes a song.”

In past years, I was never a fan of the Primrose.  I found their leaves to be scratchy and their bloom not outstanding.  However, like many other things that change as we grow older, I have become quite fond of them.  To me, they are a lovely harbinger of spring.

“Today has been a day dropped out of June into April.” ~ L.M. Montgomery


No photo description available.


 I know you can smell them.

“In the first week of April, the weather turned suddenly unseasonably, insistently lovely. The sky was blue, the air warm and windless, and the sun beamed on the muddy ground with all the sweet impatience of June.” ~ Donna Tartt

In closing, dear friends, know I appreciate your visit so much and wish you and yours a beautiful day.    

And. . .

For you, may the month of April be “warm and blue.”

A gift from me to you ~ enjoy!

“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” ~ E. B. White






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8 thoughts on “‘Sunday Thoughts’ ~ “April, Warm and Blue”

  1. Good morning, Sandra, I love the month of April with its promises. Beautiful images and quotes that you gathered for the first Sunday in April. Wishing you a joy-filled day and week ♥️

    1. Hello, sweet Pam. I am a fan of April also. However, I do remember the deepest snowfall of my childhood here in our Mountain State. It was Easter Sunday, and my friend and I both had new dresses and shoes. Instead, we wore winter clothing, winter coats, and snow boots.

  2. Ahh, the beauty of April and your choices today are soothing. I love that Old World styled vase of flowing flowers against the dark blue background, but nothing beats seeing the arrangements of blooms in nature! I continue to be surprised in my own landscape. Coincidental to your English bluebell wood, this week’s discovery in my own landscape was bluebells! However, they were randomly coming up, and likely very crowded among juniper, drift roses and against various walls of the house – very little bloom for so much foliage, and not impressive at all. I dug out most of the ones crowding other plants, and will wait to see if I can find a patch to transplant what’s left en masse. I just enjoy the excitement of discovery and getting my hands dirty. You’ve brought additional inspiration. Thanks, Sandra!

    1. I agree with you Rita, I love Nature’s arrangements. I love your bluebell story. There is a magnificent huge old home on the street behind us – known to locals as ‘The Johnson House.’ Mr. Johnson who owned the home was Secretary of War under Truman. Anyway, the side of the front leading into the back garden was a mass of bluebells. Truly, breathtaking. There were also a couple of huge old oaks which had become dry, brittle, and were dangerous. The new owners had them removed and so went the bluebells – their shade was gone. I remember the bluebells as a child and am glad as an adult I was able to enjoy them before they were gone. I know you are having a marvelous time finding new treasures and I hope you can save a few of the bluebells. What I discovered in our garden were green army men and pieces of a baby doll. This sweet home raised 3 boys and 1 girl. I believe the little girl may have had a difficult time with those boys.

  3. I always loved April. The beginning of bright green leaves on the trees and the pretty spring flowers. I enjoyed your post this morning Sandra. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Was it Tennyson who wrote “Oh, to be in England, now that April’s there!” (Or close to it.) How I wish it was, especially after I saw that first photo. No sun or blue skies here. We’re in the midst of the “April Showers bring May Flowers” rains, and unfortunately, cold rains. In fact, as I write this I just looked out the window. Cancel the rains. It’s snow. How dare they! That stuff that here in the north they call “wintry mix.” Well, I wasn’t prepared for THAT when I started this comment. Appreciating your flowers all the more!

    1. Oh, Jeanie, I just found your comment. It has been one of those weeks – appointments and too much to do. We are to have snow this afternoon as well (4-9). My daffodils look like they have been through a terrible storm. Their heads are all down and they look so sad. We have also had high winds which is unusual for us. Oh, well, I do know spring will eventually arrive. Have a good weekend!

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