‘Sunday Thoughts’ ~ A Few Lovely Things

“Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them.” ~ David Hume

A talented gardener’s vision and skilled hands.

Good morning, dear friends.  I hope this finds you well and enjoying nice weather.   I read that much of the south was to have heavy rain and possible flooding.  Should you be in the South or West, you are in my thoughts.    We are to have rain this evening and a little tomorrow.  We are fortunate ~ nothing serious. 

When I was going through photos for this post, I came upon so many lovely images that I couldn’t choose.  Therefore, I decided to include several and thought you may enjoy them also.  As you know, I am drawn to images of nature in all her glory.  However, I also found a few pretty exteriors and some other things.  So, find your coffee/tea and come along with me for a wee tour of  ‘A Few Lovely Things.’

“Love of beauty is taste.  The creation of beauty is art.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The above arrangement is, in my opinion, truly a work of art.

oldfarmhouse: “ 🌼🔆🍂By #Floretflower @instagram ”

I feel certain something special is planned for these white cosmos.


This dazzling pot of lavender in its vintage container just speaks, “Don’t you think I am pretty?”  I think it is marvelous ~ how about you?


A special vase of flowers placed just so can add much to a room and to one’s day.

“A short story is what you see when you look out of the window.” ~ Mavis Gallant

Old windows have always held my interest.  To me, they are often so pretty and unique.  I always think of something I read in one of Alexandra Stoddard’s books.  She said, “When you look out of every window of your home you should see something of beauty.”

Maybe the sweet kitty sees something he/she thinks is beautiful.

“And all the lives we ever lived and all the lives to be are full of trees and changing leaves.” ~ Virginia Woolf

amazinglybeautifulphotography: “Muir Woods [OC] [1818x1228] - Author: _jpizzle_bear on Reddit ”

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” ~ Oscar Wilde

” I only deepen the wounds of the world when I neglect to give thanks for early light dappled through the leaves. . .” ~ Ann Voskamp


aestheticnatureofbeauty: “ cristinailao ”



halljavalge: “https://vintage-house.blogspot.com/ ”

Dappled light often takes my breath away.  It cast such enchanting shadows.  To me, a masterpiece of the heavens.

Things are beautiful if you love them.” ~ Jean Anouilh

In closing, I hope you have enjoyed your wee tour of  ‘A few lovely things.’  There is one last thing  I came upon I would like to share.  One of our favorite artists is Roger Mühl (1929~2008).   He lived and painted in Mougins, France.  Periodically, I have tried to do a little research on the village, but have always had limited success, until today.  And look what I found.  Mike and I have always wanted to visit the village (Mougins is in the south of France) where he lived and created such beauty ~ perhaps, one day.

Directly below the village street scene is a piece Mühl painted that we own and enjoy.  As art is such a personal thing, you may or may not appreciate his style.  What I can tell you is, that you have to stand in front of one of his paintings to see the light which radiates from the painting.  Truly, it is amazing.  

La sublime ruelle des artistes de Mougins, France.    Translates, The sublime alley of the artists of Mougins, France.


Art – Beauty and Light ! | Art by, Roger Mühl, ” Beauty and Light.”



Dear friends, know I wish you and yours a most beautiful day and week ahead.  

And. . .

May joy and love follow you all along your path.



“It is not the language of painters but the language of Nature that one should listen to. ” ~ Vincent Van Gogh





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16 thoughts on “‘Sunday Thoughts’ ~ A Few Lovely Things

    1. Good morning, Bonnie. Thanks so much. Mougins is evidently home to many artists. And, from what I understand is such a sweet village and a bit of a kept secret.
      Wishing you a lovely day and a great week!

  1. Sandra, you chose beautiful images for your lovely post. I love dappled light as it cast its amazing shadows. The scene in Mougins is so beautiful, I can imagine being there with its quaint shops. Wishing you and Mike a joy-filled day 💛

    1. Good morning, dear Pam. Thank you for your kind words. I imagine Mougins to be quite lovely ~ a village full of talented artists. One of the sweet places in the world. Wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful day and week ahead!

  2. Good morning Sandra. What a lovely post filled with the prettiest pictures and thought provoking quotes. I love the Oscar Wilde quote. I think your painting is beautiful!

  3. I could sink myself into each and every image here. Just so lovely, all! I love loose and wild floral arrangements, and certain light angles / dappling do capture my attention. When I see them, I actually feel them. Have a good day, Sandra.

    1. Hello, Rita, I am the same way with dappled light and my mom was always crazy about it. To me, it seems as though it is a gift from the heavens. Hope you have a great week, my friend.

  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. The first picture you shared looks so very similar to scenes we saw in Monet’s home village of Giverny. The small towns in the South of France, as well, are so picturesque, a visual treat. Would enjoy a visit to the village of Mougins! Thank you for this delightful reminder of travel in France.

    1. Hello, Linda. Thank you so much for your kind words and yes the photos do remind me of France. The country I have been drawn to since I was a little girl. From all I understand about Mougins, it is a lovely village and is not too far from Nice. Have a lovely week – autumn will be visiting soon!

      1. After some very warm days we got a little rain last night and our gardens were certainly happy. Today a marine layer started the day, but sunny and in the 70’s later. Have been to Nice, and maybe another trip could find us in Mougins.

        1. That would be wonderful. Muhl owned what was once a former post office. It is supposed to be a small village with only one hotel. But beautiful from what I understand. Incredible light and from his paintings that must be true.

  5. Your post is a feast for the eyes and heart, Sandra. Thank you. So many beautiful images and thoughts to ponder today. It’s hard to pick a favourite. Grateful for all the love you pour into your posts – we are given such a gift through them. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. Weather is gorgeous here today. Love, Brenda xo

    1. Hello, sweet friend. Thank you for your kind words. We have a bit of rain today, but after that, we are in the 70s for the remainder of the week. Have a lovely week and enjoy your days.

  6. Mouguins sounds and looks so very gorgeous! Wonderful choices, all. But I’m full of amazement as to how they got those very tall lavenders to stand so tall in that short vase!

    1. Jeanie, our lavender will stand straight and tall if it is cut at the right time. Perhaps, that is so with the ones in the photo. It could also be in a pot of its own and placed in the container. I believe the lavender is in an old confit pot and they usually range in height from 10-14 inches. Have a great week!

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