Sunday Thoughts

“Let nothing come between you and the light.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Good Sunday morning, dear friends.  It is wonderful to see you. I do hope wherever you may be, you are seeing something you deem lovely.  Perhaps, light streaming through a window in your home, the way it is streaming through the windows of the beautiful Netley Abbey (photo aboveinformation about the Abbey is at the end of this post).  To me, the photo represents the beauty and peace ~ both important to our human well being.  

This week I came across the following thoughts from Katrine Stewart.  I wonder, have you ever heard the term “soul project?” I had not.  After reading her thoughts, I thought you may enjoy them also.

“Soul projects bring a smile to your face, light to your eyes, new energy to your heart, joy to all around you. Soul projects are like healing ointment on the sore places of your life.  Beethoven went for walks in the countryside. Golda Meir polished her silver teapot. Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, tended to her roses. Claude Monet gardened. Katharine Hepburn wrote her journal in bed with breakfast. Winston Churchill liked to paint. Einstein took long baths. Mendelssohn listened to the music of Bach. Mother Theresa listened to the silence of her soul.”

My take on  Ms. Stewart’s thoughts:  It is important for each of us to have something we enjoy doing.  I enjoy gardening, reading, cooking, writing this blog, and my list goes on.  But, I had never thought about these things which make my heart sing as “soul projects.” However, they are, and we all need one or more.  Because, in my opinion,  they calm us, clear our minds, and help us to recognize the beauty of compassion for ourselves, those we hold dear, and our fellow man.  Thereby, enabling us to see “the light.”

In closing on this November 11 morning, I ask you to take a moment to remember all our veterans and those currently serving in our military.

Good Evening ladies, thank you for the beautiful floral centerpieces. Tonight and Wednesday, let's pin POPPIES. Enjoy. The poppy is the symbol of remembrance.

  May we always remain forever grateful to them and their families for their sacrifices.



Wishing you and yours a most beautiful day.

And, until we meet again ~ 

“May you have heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and angels all around you.” ~ Unknown


Au Revoir,



Note:  Netley Abbey is a late medieval monastery in the village of Netley near Southampton in Hampshire, England. The abbey was founded in 1239 as a home for monks of the austere Cistercian order. Despite royal patronage, Netley was never rich, produced no influential scholars nor churchmen, and its nearly 300-year history was quiet. The monks were best known by others for the generous hospitality they offered to travelers on land and sea.

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Rita C at Panoply

I do have several soul projects, and I cherish each one. I love the thought of labeling them as such. I also enjoyed reading about that gorgeous abbey. Thanks you for sharing, Sandra.
We had our first frost this morning. Leaves should be quite crispy for raking. 🙂

Pam Richardson

I always enjoy your Sunday morning thoughts dear friend. The sun is gloriously shining in my windows this morning even though it is 31 degrees. I certainly have soul projects, I didn’t know that term. Music is such an important part of my life, and it brings me such joy. Yes, today is a day to honor and give thanks for the sacrifice of our veterans. Wishing you a beauty-filled Sunday!

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

Sandra, I always look forward to your Sunday posts. I’m so sorry I am late in commenting.. We had family over this weekend, and I am late catching up on my favorite blogs. Thank you for always sharing such beautiful inspiration. Happy Monday, sweet friend!!!


I love this term! I’ve never thought of them as that before, but the things we love to do, things that relaxes our mind and fills our spirit with joy certainly are soul projects. Listening to beautiful music, reading an especially beloved book, and taking walks in the woods in Europe are my very favorite ones. Thank you for this beautiful post.

bonnie morgan

Sorry, I am late commenting. It has been a hectic week with commitments.
As always, I am inspired and uplifted by the beauty and wisdom you share.
I had not heard the term soul projects and this leaves me much to ponder.

Brenda @ It\'s A Beautiful Life
I liked the photo at the beginning of your post of the light streaming in through an ancient window. You said that it represents the beauty and peace ~ both important to our human well being. Yes, how true, it speaks of both beauty and peace. So vital for our well being. I really enjoy that quote by Katrine Stewart. I remember watching a documentary about Golda Meier many years ago and they talked about her polishing that teapot. It was a touchstone, a calming influence for her during some very troubling times when she was Prime Minister. Thank you… Read more »