Cutter, Leaver, or Hider ?

“Anything which grows is always more beautiful to look at than anything which is built.”  – Lin Yu Tang


So, which type of gardener are you?  Yes, there are different types, three exactly. In case you are not familiar with the different types of gardeners, I will explain.  They are:  Cutters, Leavers, and Hiders.

I will confess, I am a Cutter.  One of the main reasons cutters garden is to bring magnificent beauty inside their homes.  You see, we fill everything imaginable with gorgeousness and place such gorgeousness throughout the house. Filling every spot large enough to hold a vessel. And by the way, cutters also haunt garage sales and thrift stores in search of containers for their fabulous garden cuttings – but that is really another post.

Next, are the Leavers.  Leavers never cut a bloom from anything in their beloved garden.  Truly, it pains them to do so.  My dear friend, and former neighbor Cathy, was a leaver.  I would cut blooms and take them to her.  She would invite me to see anything and everything blooming in her garden, but she couldn’t bear the thoughts of cutting.  However, I knew I was her special friend. From time-to-time, she would cut a single bloom of something she knew I admired, and present it to me.  True friendship and love.

Last, are the Hiders.  The hiders may possibly have some issues.  They secretly want to be cutters but can’t quite manage to constantly carry snips in their pockets – the trait of a cutter. They adore blooms inside their homes, but don’t want their lovely garden to look as though a cutter has been there.  So what do they do? They cut from deep inside, or to the back of a stand of blooms.  Thus, the foliage from the other blooms cover the trail of their work.  No one will ever know what they have done. Shameful, isn’t it?


Now that you have the ‘dirt’ on the different types of gardeners.  Let’s do something fun.  

The lovely iris above is named, “Stairway to Heaven.”  She is the child of Edith Wolford x Breakers, is 39″ in height, and a vigorous grower. Below are her credentials.

1995 – Honorable Mention Winner

1997 Award of Merit Winner

1999 – John C. Wister Award Winner

2000 – Recipient of the Dykes Medal Award Winner

Her awards were bestowed upon her by the American Iris Society. The Dykes Medal is the highest award of the American Iris Society and is awarded to no more than one iris per year. An iris is eligible for this award for three years,  following winning of a classification medal.  

I have enjoyed this beauty in our garden for many years.  Yesterday, was time for her thinning and due to her height, she needed a spot where she would be more visible.  All this brings me to: it is time for a GIVEAWAY .  There will be three winners.  To enter and win a healthy start of this beautiful award winner, you must respond via the contact button on the blog. Tell me what type of gardener you are and  explain why you feel you are a cutter, leaver or hider.  Entries must be received by Monday night, July 10, 2017.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday morning, July 11, 2017.  Note:  An objective 3rd party will select the winners.

Get busy, find a nice sunny spot in your garden for this pretty girl and enter the GIVEWAY– you just may be a winner !

Thanks for visiting.  Hugs and Love to you !

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photo:  Pinterest

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Ann perdue

I’m a cutter! I love to bring flowers in my home to admire and sniff all day ❤️❤️

Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

I am a cutter! In fact at my new home I plan on having a cutting garden.

Margie Brown Davis

I am a leaver! I love for people to see my pretties when walking by or driving! It also pains me to think I might be hurting the plant! I know sounds crazy! Also after 15 years of looking we finally found the perfect home we move in August! The yard needs some love! Your pretties would be a beautiful start!
Thank you,
Margie Brown Davis

Pam Richardson

Sandra, what a gorgeous Iris! I am a reluctant cutter. I do love beautiful flowers in my home!

Marsha Scott

I’m a new follower because I saw your comment over at Sharon’s place. You are so funny, and I’m sure I will love following along. Come see me when you have time. xx’s Marsha

Shirley @Housepitality Designs

Can you possibly be all three of these personalities?!!! I am a little of all of them!!!

Heidi Young

I’m a cutter, but really a little bit of all 3!!


I guess I will shamefully admit that I am a hider. I just never want to ruin the aesthetics of my garden but I also want so badly to bring that beauty indoors. ?❤️ “Stairway to Heaven” iris is simply gorgeous!!!❤️


Hider for sure! Want the best of both worlds, a lush garden and to bring the outdoors inside my home.


I am a leaver…I do not even like cut flowers from a florist…leave them to be beautiful in their natural setting. 🙂

I am a shameful ‘Hider’ – it is absolutely about issues! I want to see them inside with me, but I also want my neighbors to be pea green with envy driving by gawking at some of my displays. When I cut a ‘hider’, first I make sure to tell Mr. Red Bellied Snake good morning LOUD AND A LOT, because I think he sleeps in my largest flower bed…then I’ll reach in the middle as quick as I can for snipping…… I did decide some of my Double/Triple Ditch Lillies need giving away and Miss Stairway to Heaven would… Read more »

I’m a leaver. I want passersby to appreciate my berm gardens.

Mary Rose Axton

I’m definitely a cutter. I love to bring flowers from my garden inside to enjoy their beauty. I love to plant flowers I know I’ll be able to cut when they bloom.


Mary Rose: You definitely are a cutter – cutters dream about planting beautiful things to bring inside.