An Annoying Glitch!

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” ~ Einstein

Good morning, sweet friends. 

Yesterday morning, January 24, 2019, I turned on the computer and what did I see ~ my ‘Sunday Thoughts’ had been posted.  Now, that wasn’t scheduled to happen until Sunday, January 27.  And, to make matters worse, the post was not finished.  I do apologize, for I am not sure what happened.  However, it appears Mr. Einstein is correct, “I can’t explain it simply. . . .” 

hidinginthehinterlands: “@spiritofthewoods Some color to add to your usual green. :) ”

So, I hope these sweet smiling faces will brighten your day, and may everything good and wonderful come your way.  I’ll be seeing you soon! 

Au Revoir,



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How adorable!Best wishes!

Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things
Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

I saw that….crazy computer stuff!


Ah, I wondered how that date popped up but figured you were more organized than I am! Meanwhile I love the sweet pansy faces more than I can say!


I wondered about that! But it did remind me that I had an unfinished post that was almost ready to be published and went to it to put it off even further so thank you for saving me from being embarrassed!

I do fine online as long as there are no glitches, heaven help me if there are! Pansy time will be lovely!

Rita C at Panoply

I could see that your accidental post was for Sunday, but by the time I clicked on it, you had removed it, so I got the message of page not found. Lovely little pansies. Have a nice weekend.

Pam Richardson

I had publishing problems a couple of weeks ago on my Sunday post, some things happen and I can never figure out why! The pansies are beautiful my friend!